A Picture Can Say It All


Tonight, I was going through some photos of me from 2013 looking for something in the “not-for-facebook” folder and found this picture I took of myself that summer.  At the time, I remember thinking that it referenced the two sides of me, but seeing it now, especially in the context of this blog and title, really does say a lot more than I realized, so I thought I would share.


      1. Hehe I’ll confess, when I saw that as his tiny avatar I tried really hard to see the big picture… see, that’s my thing, a big strong manly man – submissive. That’s what I like about hubby… he’s a guy and I doninate him. I don’t want a sissy or fem… I want to know I’m powerful and can dominate a man! Yum! So yeah… this pic…. uhhhh, yeah… it does it for me! 🙂

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      2. Submitting, to me, means more when it comes from a position of strength. There’s more value to it. I’ve never understood why anyone would want a snivelling worthless worm as a sub. Where’s the fun in dominating something so low? But when the sub checks his or her own strength (either physical or otherwise) and *submits* to the dominant’s authority…gah. Hotness.

        In the case of Drew, he’s probably stronger than me. Just naturally. That’s hot, too.

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  1. Thumper, the “middle aged” was to throw off the readers. They will be too distracted if they knew how sexy and fit we are in real life. It’s a courtesy, really.


  2. Very hot pic, Sir. Love the combo of business and leather man. Also looking forward to reading all about your journey. I wish I had a hot dom to own my ass. It would give me a reason to keep up my own blog.

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  3. In an age where everything is rushed to obviousness it’s nice to see a little restraint (NPI) A little glimmer to the inner self to lure you in. Many a times I find a photo of muscled man with a dress shirt on and a button or two open sexier than the totally shirtless photo. At least in photos….


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