Oh, the irony

Hello from seat 1D where I am listening to Mrs 2D and Mr. 2C fight, literally fight, and cry because I think he fucked the cute female auditor at their firm. She’s mad. He’s teary. She’s talking way too loud for an A320 first class cabin.

If I didn’t care about my iPad so much, I think I’d pull up Thumper’s blog and hand it over the seat to show him how he can control those urges and then pull up the communication one on mine. That’d be fun, huh?

Stay tuned for the continuing, yet ironic drama, from 35,000 feet.


  1. If its any consolation in on a intercity coach, crawling through Auckland peak time jam listening to ‘big daddy’ talk cars loudly.

    Oh and this weeks good wife is a goodie. But that’s a give.


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