Revised Thumper rules

Drew has instructed me to recap His revised rules and expectations that have been derived as a result of our recent conversation about needing to make our dynamic something that’s doable and reasonable with respect to our primary relationships. That’s a very long sentence. Anyone want to diagram it and tell me the subject?

Anyway, here we go…

  1. He has established the concept of “collar on” and “collar off” when it comes to our communications. The collar construct isn’t physical in this state, it’s to help me understand when I am to be in sub mode or not. I can request “collar off” to make it easier for me to talk to Him about some things when doing so, as His submissive, would be difficult. We’ve already used this to great effect. By default, the “collar” is always on. I can’t take it off but I can request that He allow me to do so. If I show less than the appropriate level of respect He expects when the collar’s on, I’ll be punished.
  2. Friday through Sunday are set aside for our primary relationships. We may still have communication on those days, but He won’t have expectations of me.
  3. We will always communicate with one another, collar on or off with “strength, pride, and honesty.” He will continue to explore ways of pushing me on various fronts (pain, bondage, service, etc.) within the bounds of the limits He’s established.
  4. I am to check in with him, when technology allows, twice a day. He didn’t say if this also applied to Friday-Sunday, but I assume it does.
  5. He appreciates it when I make videos for him. Not necessarily explicit ones. Just 3-4 minute chats telling him how I am or how I feel. He does the same for me.
  6. He expects us to use our experiences together to make us both better husbands to our primary relationship partner. I know this has already been the case for me.
  7. We will both respect the primacy of our respective home lives and both of us can end conversations abruptly in order to do so without ramification, regardless of “collar on” or “collar off.”
  8. He will continue to establish weekly plug time requirements, but now cognizant of the Friday-Sunday exclusion period. This week, it’s 18 hours, 7 minutes (of which, I’d already completed 12:51).
  9. He has clarified how we will use various channels of communication (text, FaceTime, email, etc.) with one another.
  10. He will continue to monitor and evaluate these rules as we move forward.

Needless to say, these changes have made me very happy indeed. Thank You, Sir, for your consideration.


    1. Well, technically, there is no reason why not, but we won’t. These are not porn, these are the reality of life type ones that is pretty much how we can communicate to make sure the rectangle is not being cracked. That, and Dodger talk. Boring stuff, but critical.


    2. And also, usually the explicit videos (and there have been some) include me talking to Him and I do nothing at all to hide my identity. If you have any special requests, I can entertain them, but the ones I make for Drew are for Drew.

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  1. Question, you said you did not know if you had to check in on Friday – Sunday, but you thought so. How dies that not violate policy of the respective spouse and his lover? Why would you contact then?


    1. And, just to further clarify, Axel and I are married and even in those 15 wonderful years before SCOTUS made our relationship federally legal, never, ever were we “lovers” – I have always cringed at the word, sorry, just hit a spot for me.

      But, on point number two, while I the Fri-Sun check ins are not part of the “rules”, I think we genuinely like hearing from each other and have now reached a point where we can text something about life, or why did you put that picture of a cow on Facebook?, or a lesson about what not to drop on an iPad (d.). That’s what friends do and, to say it one more time, we have found a lovely full color path where that part is of equal (or more like 50.8 percent) priority to the wickedly fun other areas we are not going to be graphically specific about (except on the portfolio – at times) on our two blogs


      1. No, no, d, I didn’t call you a cow; however your fascination with that is suddenly making me wonder if we need to find you a few new blogs to read?? 🙂


  2. I love #6. Any online play I’ve had has begun with the same premise. Mine is a bit expanded to: this should make us both better people. That may include encouraged/enforced exercise, diet, reading/studying, trying something new… It’s not (just) about getting off and exploring kink. Make it interesting and make it positive by incorporating some life goals that are beyond the confines of your shorts.
    I really appreciated reading that in this list.


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