The Chalkboard Items

Well, almost 24 hours home after the revelations of the week and, well, I didn’t dissolve into a wet mess of submissive goo, run from the chalkboard of instructions, or even think a great deal about a few of the new requirements aside from making sure the main tasks were done and that I also did some of the Drew work that needed to be done.  Frankly, it made me better understand what Thumper was talking about earlier in the week, but I had no feelings of pressure about it.

In addition, my chalkboard items were few but precise and each served a needed purpose of the day.  I thought Axel was going easy on me, and, he was, but this is all part of the growing into it role and I very much appreciated it.  Since I came home late and he was in bed and then he left while I was still in bed, tonight was our first time together in days where we had four quiet hours and, I can tell you honestly, I sat down on the floor and rubbed his legs for a bit and for the first time in a long long long time, I felt my mind slow down for about 10 minutes, which, if you know me know me, is something good.

Also, today two things happened of note on this subject and a few more on another I may post again in a minute about as they have no place mixing here.  Today, taking care of a few things on my list, I found myself truly focused on Axel during that time and where he’d be more happy about me moving what I was moving, etc.  That’s not to say the demands of my life, my family (as an example, today, since I was in town, I was also summed to my elderly parents house because the TV was out and panic was ensuing because, here’s the dichotomy, they could not get the season finale of Orange is the New Black to play – they were using the wrong remote and, ewwww, I am all for embracing lesbian prison sex, but Mom?, Dad? really?) Axel, and even Thumper didn’t make waves into the area, I just simply embraced them all with all having their proper place.

The second thing, maybe even the more important thing ever is that I said no to work.  You see, I work at a small, but very mighty firm that goes around the world telling people what to do, who to hire, and, as most often in my case, who to fire which they then often have me do too.  The man whose name is on my paycheck and the door to my office sent word he wanted to talk to me tonight, only for about 20 minutes.  I knew the subject was something I proposed and when his assistant asked if I could call tonight at 7, I said, without much thinking, “no.  I cannot.  It’s Drew and Axel time tonight.” It flustered her because nobody says no to this man, but her second question was “what about 10 before you leave”.

No again, So, tonight’s lesson of the night, steady course.  Steady course, my friends


  1. Sometimes its harder to learn the lesson that its okay to say no. Not meaning to patronise, but really, well done. Sometimes, just like Thumper, Drews’ needs and wants should come first.

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  2. I’m curious, or did I miss it, what types of things are on Drews list from Axel? It’s weird but for some reason I like knowing what Drew demands (requires?) from Thumper… I guess ass the dominant one in my relationship and the one constantly trying to keep things fresh, I like to see how others site their control.

    I agree, kudos on saying no.


  3. Ha, I was wondering who would be the first to out me about not listing those! Two things, maybe three.

    First, the demands are very minimal at this point because we are starting so slow having learned from past mistakes that producing a list of expectations 28 pages long only scared us in the end and put so much pressure on us that we decided to just stop everything. Also, I am only home 48 hours. But, this week was two or three literal housekeeping items and trying out a new Holy Trainer v2.

    Second, I am not sure, to be honest, how much of this I want to share online yet because of Axel’s comfort should he read it and, despite his protests to the contrary, Thumper’s too. Being a switch is something I am very much embracing and this blog is about how I am handling this and I think it might be an unnecessary complication to get into the weeds of the details on both side to avoid confusion in his head and, more importantly, mine. That said, we have plenty of general discussions together on it when I need his advice, but that is generally in collar off mode.

    Finally, purely me here, whether it’s my newness to embrace the sub side of me or just the instant hard on I get when talking about being T’s part time dominant, I dig the public side of his submission much more than mine.


    1. Haha have you ever been told you talk too much? I see you seem like me – you over explain things bahahaha!

      Ok I don’t want to offend Axel, I’m glad you are starting slow with tolerable things since you are limited with time at home.

      If you read my recent blog post, I’m hoping to be more direct with my dominance and I also want to give hubby some tasks to do to help show and solidify his submission to me, other than the steel locked on his cock. I only want a to give him a couple things, to start slow. Anyway that’s kinda why I was asking. I do appreciate your want and need for your privacy in that part of your life. 🙂

      Not trying to be bold but if you ever wanted to email, thumper can share my email address with you.

      Have a great day!
      (Hopefully no goofy typos – everything I do is from my Note2 lol)


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