My name is Drew and I have PMS

Afternoon, folks.  Time for a quick entry while I wait on my laundry to dry so I can pack for the week.  Anyway, today was a day of discovery with an unexpected blood test, a realization, and a delicious quote from Thumper.

So, about four years ago around my 40th birthday, I wasn’t feeling good.  I was tired, not making any improvements at the gym, and was just unfocused.  I went to see my physician and it turns out that, due to whatever factor in my genetic pool, I had stopped producing enough testosterone to keep me at a constant level.  Normal for someone my size and age would be in the 700-900 range (give or take) and I was at 133.  At that point, I started taking weekly injections and before long it was like I was 17 again.  Aside from acne at 40 and the irritation of having to get the shots and prove them needed to Aetna, it’s been a great ride that has helped me lift more, be more active, and have what has been described by several people and one rabbit as “awesome, frequent erections”. I’d also like to point out I did this prior to it becoming so trendy now.

All that to say, one of the side effects is that men taking artificial hormones kickstart other places in their body and they can start to produce more estrogen than is needed. While this is usually monitored every two to three months, with my travel and the fact that I already have to be very creative to get my shot within clinic hours or sometimes around them, I have not had mine checked for eight months – shame on me and my clinic.

So, this week, I have just not felt right and, as we have discussed, wasn’t sleeping.  I have also been an emotional wreck. I have been  irritable, moody, hot, cold, sweaty, and sentimental to a point of scaring even my sappiest of friends.  I honestly thought it was all the repressed emotion I have discovered the last few weeks with this new journey, but popped in the clinic yesterday to get some blood work done and today went by to have them say, “sweetie, you have a huge case of PMS”.

You see, on whatever scale they use, I should be at a 20 something and today I was at 91.  So, women friends, now more than ever, I feel your pain.  I got a new pill and a shot that should reverse this very quickly, but, wow, now I FINALLY understand all those sitcom jokes.

Finally, the best quote to come out of this came today from our friend the rabbit who, upon hearing my news said, “Fuck, wow, well, Sir, to be honest, you have been a bit needy this week, even from my point of view”.


  1. So you’re saying you’re not really gay, you’re really just a chick? Hahaha

    Feel better big boy, need some Midol? 🙂 being a chick sucks sometimes!


  2. My husband is only in his early thirties and also has testosterone levels around yours. I gently nudged him years to speak with a doctor and he was glad that he finally went. Fortunately, I was able to give him the shots myself. Unfortunately, they only worked for a few months and then he got all the extreme emotional side effects without any of the physical benefits.


    1. Oh no! I have been lucky that they have helped me stay in the 700-800 range and as long as I take the anti-estrogen pill (which I just did because you reminded me), the emotions stay in check 🙂

      Thanks for reading me, btw


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