Random posting and extreme horniness

Morning all.  I have officially started my work trip to the far east.  It’s not even a week long so I will be back Friday,  Depending on where I am in China, I may or may not have access to certain websites or gmail, so, if I go missing for a few days, never fear.

One goal on my flight is to catch up on many of your blogs, so they are downloaded offline and I will be reading when I am not sleeping.  It’s sad, I fly so much I have watched most of the movies I wanted to see.

Also, I have gotten a few questions via email about me, Axel, and the like, so when possible, those answers will be the posts this week since I will likely, sadly, have no new smutty, dirty personal material.  So, if you have a question, drop me a note via Twitter, etc.

Finally, who wants to volunteer to make sure Thumper behaves in my absence?  As you know, he’s off the hook with me Friday through Sunday, so if I need someone Monday, I will let you know.  However,  I am highly selective and doubtful he will need it as he and I are settling into our respective rectangle corners as well as can be expected and we are both behaving.  He’s been a very good DILF this week, though, so, join me in being proud of his plugged self. Be proud, T.  You deserve it.

Oh, P.S. – the shot worked yesterday and the PMS is gone (I think. If I cry on the plane or send everyone I know texts about how special they are to me, all bets are off), but the result is now me in ranging man mode, complete with the randiness of an 18 year ugly boy in the cheerleader’s locker room.  Gonna be a long flight (5 hours first one) and a longer second one (15 hours and 3 minutes).  I hope my seat mate is a left hand watch wearing ugly man with zero sex appeal (and who is skinny, short, and non talkative).

Happy weekend to you my new friends.

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