The funny morning rabbit panic attack

Me again.  Just had a morning panic attack while Facetiming my parents to say hello.  It went something like this:

Me – “hi Mom, I am here”

Mom – “Glad to hear from you. (tepid conversation about not getting ebola or a tattoo on my face while here). We are glad you called.  Axel dropped off Stella (our dog) this afternoon.  All is good but we forgot to ask him what you did with the bunny?  You’re Dad is the one who remembered, but, what did you do to the bunny last time he went home with you?  Is he new?”

Me – Absolute silence. Naseau. Sweating.  Then finally, in the language that made them proud they paid for private school for 24 years, “Wha? Huh?”

Mom – “He just looks so shiny and his tail is fixed”

Me – “Ooooooooooooooooh, we washed him and used some glue”

See, the fact that I missed and only thought about once way back is my dog is spending a few days with the grandparents and, her absolute favorite toy is this big stuffed rabbit that is twice her size.  Fuck, that’s funny now.  NOW.


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