The Freedom to be a Dick – As Shown Under an Umbrella

Good morning/afternoon/evening folks.  As you know, this week I am in China and Hong Kong so I honestly have no idea what time it is anywhere anymore, especially because everything here is in 24 hour time and I can’t process that quickly, ever.  Anyway, I am feeling much, much better even though I really haven’t slept much yet.  I think time has helped me absorb both the girl hormones and the raw truth from the last few weeks and I am settling down and seeing a more clear path each time I think about it. And it’s still a good, happy path too.

So, the point of this post is around the fact that someone, who called himself “MrMahn” (I am picturing him with a spray tan and hair implants) sent me an email sometime on Sunday – directly – how I don’t know as Thumper has yet to install the “ask me” button – that asked the following question:

“Drew, how do you sleep really knowing that you are breaking up two marriages?”

Wow. What a dick. What a disturbing dick. (and I hope you are reading MrMahn).

So, I went through my head all the possible responses that ranged from “well, as soon as I find two marriages to break I will let you know”, to the over analyzation of the truth filled explanation for the 9,098th time that Thumper and I both have encouraged permission, blah, blah, blah.

That was followed by a fiery argument in my head with the guy about how he is wrong, how he should be ashamed, how he is a dick, etc.  I even went so far to explain that the reason I wasn’t sleeping at night had nothing to do with it, etc, etc, etc – I know, we are all sick of that part of the story, so I stopped.

I simply just deleted it and decided not to ever mention it again because of the foolishness of it, the judgment from someone who had obviously found the blog and read it which, of course, makes me wonder why and how one can (hopefully) enjoy while judging yet think they have no wrong, and all those other reasons that man can be so weird.

It’s very similar to my black former colleague who just hated Indian people and could never see the irony in his actions or another former colleague who chose to “love me and hate my sin” saying that only God would judge me in the end because that way we could still “be friends” (and, for a matter of fact, to this day some ten years later, I think it would only take a drink and a tickle to make that man drop to his knees to blow me – just an aside, btw).

What fucked up people, huh?

But, yesterday, late in the afternoon, I had a break and was able to change clothes and take a long walk.  A walk down the freeway, actually.  The middle of the fucking freeway during rush hour.  It was surreal.  It was eery.  It was and is the still very active Umbrella Movement, a protest by youth in Hong Kong, now in it’s second month, about democracy, rights and freedom.  People have blocked these major highways in the middle of the city and are living in tents to protest their right to a democratic future.  They are making history and, in the picture below, you will see that I climbed makeshift stairs to stand on the guardrail of the freeway filled with very peaceful, friendly, die hard believers who are facing arrest, abuse or more just so they can have a say in their leaders.  I stood there and realized that I was standing in a place that our children’s children will likely read about one day because, whatever brings this to an end is going to either be wonderful or tragic because there is no happy middle, it seems.

As I stood there, I thought, again, about MrMahn and that, while I do still think he is a jackass who had no reason to make his assumption, the reality is that he did have a right to do it.

So, in honor of those kids in the street, MrMahn, consider this your 10-seconds, you misinformed douchebag.



  1. Internet anonymity (or perceived anonymity) can bring out the inner jackass in people.

    Some animals are crackers.

    Some assholes are people.

    It happens.

    It sucks, but it happens.

    One thing I don’t see on your blog’s home page (yet?) is any widgetry that links to “Rules Regarding Douchebaggery” or even an “About” page (pages are different than posts). Just something to think about. Preventative maintenance and all that jazz.

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