Thumper’s tasks for the week of November 10

This is my weekly recap of the tasks and requirements Drew has established for me this week.

  1. This week’s plug requirement is 22 hours, 11 minutes. Shortened due to new expectations of the number of days in the week I’ll be actively subbing to him and the fact that I’m travelling later in the week.
  2. I am to make the appointment for him to get his PA done next time he’s in town. This was left over from last week as I failed to do it then.
  3. I am to track all his flights so I always know where he is in his travels.

That’s all he wrote, but there’s something else. He has removed the requirement that I capitalize pronouns and titles that refer to him. He says he doesn’t need it as a sign of my commitment to our dynamic.

Drew has established as a general rule the requirement that the XXL WMCBP be worn on Mondays. This has become an interesting challenge in that I now do not wear one from Friday to Sunday so accommodating the XXL on Monday is that much harder. Had I my choice (which I don’t) I’d probably go with the Rattler (about the size of a large WMC) or the XL which is a good fit for me. Instead, I find myself feeling very full and invaded for the first several hours on Mondays and quite aware of his control over that aspect of me. This is, of course, exactly what he wants.

Interestingly, as the day progresses (I’ve had it in just over six hours now) it goes from being distractingly annoying to simply distracting (like now) to distractingly hot (borderline). I would never choose the XXL as the plug to start out with and would never leave it in as long as I do were it not for his requirement, but, I end the day really getting off on it. Plus, since it opens me up quite effectively, I find myself favoring the larger plug for the rest of the week. No idea if this was all by design, but it works out to his advantage and he’s pleased with how it affects me.

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