A hole in my dick with a side of hand holding

Years ago, maybe 10, Axel asked me to consider getting my dick pierced because he loved the look of them and the look of my dick so he thought the two combined would be just perfect.

I resisted.

Six years ago, the conversation happened again.

I resisted.

Four, three, two and, well, the same thing.  I have never been that opposed to it, but it was never convenient, never a priority, and never a point of control I was willing to give up.

Well, in the raw conversations of the last few weeks, that turned out to be something that had been in his gut, for all those years.  So, I agreed.

Now, the funny thing is that he has zero interest in seeing the happening, knowing about the details, or choosing the jewelry.  He’s a squeamish one, that Axel.

So, the best part is one of the very few “demands” he made when this all started was that Thumper go with me.  In fact, he suggested I make it a requirement of him that he make all the arrangements and be able to go.  His reasons were simple and representative of several incidents in our past when I was doing something bloody or painful.

He didn’t want me to be alone.

This man barely blinks when I travel to the other side of the globe but cannot stand the thought of a needle going in me without someone I care about being there to hold my hand, just in case.  That, I love.

So, Thump did his job and will be taking me in less than a month.  Stay tuned.

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