The One with the Relationship Agreement

So, I’m back in the US and on my way home after a late arrival and a harrowingly tight connection in Chicago that had me clearing customs, reclaiming baggage, taking two trains, clearing domestic security and running to gate 32 in THIRTY THREE minutes. Fuck. That undid my nine hour’s worth of solid sleep I had on my 16 hour flight (ad break: U.S. Global Entry and Pre Check is worth every single penny it costs and time it takes to get processed and approved). Nine hours is unheard of for me even when cuddled up with Axel in the best bed ever (well, I am actually not a cuddler but you see where I was going with that).

Anyway, now comfortably sitting on a tiny tiny plane without wifi in a pool of sweat, I thought I would write a few things and post when I land. So, from Thumper‘s post and our tweets, you know we had one of those long conversations that just seemed to just hit all the touchy topics in a way that made me laugh because one can tell that this talk was between two people who each manage and write strategic plans for our requisite business selves. The base of the talk you know about because, fuck, that bunny was in a bad mood last week. But, I want to be clear, his post made it sound like he had shifted negative energy to me. To be exact, he did not shift anything TOWARD me, he just SHOWED it to me as I had shown mine to him the weekend before. Also, the one thing he did not mention either is that even despite his frustrations, he DID complete all of his goals for the week. He’s a good DILF and that meant a lot.

But, what this did do was leave the door open for a long face to face video chat while he packed and got ready for his trip away and I packed and got ready for my trip home (multi tasking at its core people as this was done at 10am for him and midnight for me). And, as we have said, we reevaluated and came up with our own version of our mutual favorite Big Bang Theory’s “The Relationship Agreement”, hereto now known as the RA. It should be officially noted we agreed this is a fluid document subject to change at any moment without Sheldon’s approval.

So, our RA has two parts, “The Friendship Agreement”, comprised of respect, communication, baseball, my Prince Albert appointment, non collared talks about anything on our minds, and, the ability for him to help guide my sub side as I go down this adventure with Axel (because, my God, do I have questions). Actually, we are both acutely aware of the fact that we are very kindred spirits in our minds and finding someone so similar to yourself is something that I wasn’t ever sure I would find – he is one of the very very few I don’t need a filter with for anything. In fact, I think this is most likely the number one reason Axel is so “okay and encouraging” of me with this because in 17 years he’s never been able to get all the way into my head and, while he comes closer and closer, it’s just not like that with us. That is not a negative at all and I think some is a natural wall that people put up with their spouses just because. And, if you haven’t figured this out through my comments like “multiple degreed listener”, Axel is a mental health professional that lives in almost every corner of my head and, I suspect, is so glad that someone can now sweep and dust the corner he’s never been able to reach.

Now, part two is named something along the lines of “The Boyfriend, Fantasy, Sexual, Dom/sub, Discipline, Rabbit Spanking Agreement” with subsections “Overall Requirements” and “Weekly Tasks/Challenges” which translates to the fact the bunny will still have a full tail. For this section of the agreement, Thumper is going to take over the writing to explain it, because you all know his mind better than me and, I still can give him assignments that I feel will benefit his submission to me, his friend and Dom. Plus, he just writes about sexual things better than I do and I KNOW HE can figure a way to shorten that title. I have to get better at that part!

Finally, as you all know, I am starting to go deeper into my sub side with Axel and the weekend ahead promises some very nice action as long as the furnace doesn’t break again this week (ours, like Thumper’s, acted with a fuckhead this week too -I hope he got off cheaper than me).  So, these new agreements will allow me to talk more here to ask questions, let you follow the journey, and more without fear I am not being all Dom enough in Thumper’s mind. I think he knows I can switch sides fast, and, if he doesn’t, let’s just say he won’t make that mistake again when I get done with his ass.

Oh, oh, as a PS to this post, this blog has allowed me to sorta reconnect with someone I talked to in my past in the Pacific Northwest. So, my official welcome to you who knows who you are. I can’t wait for our exchanges to continue.


  1. Of all the things you’ve written here, the one thing that stands out the most to me is that you are, in your own words, “not a cuddler.”


    *scratching my head*


    Welcome home. 🙂


  2. I love your dynamic with Thumper and wish I could find somebody like you in my life. Good luck moving forward with your husband and bunny.


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