Chastity Does Not a Bottom Make

Wow.  I think this afternoon I met Axel 2.0.

First and foremost, be warned that this will likely be my most sexual post to date and, despite seeing my grandmother’s face in my head telling me these discussions are “not nice” or the old man at the country club when I was a kid telling who taught me which utensil was proper telling me that a “gentlemen never discusses private matters in public”, I think I am going to go for it anyway.  Fuck you grandma and old man.  I have a story to tell.

As you all know, I have given Axel more and more control over me for about 1,182 different reasons, one of which was an improved sex life.  You also know that he has started requiring the chastity device be in place most times and that I will soon be getting pierced and fitted into a custom device, but, that is just setting the stage at this moment.  We also share a love of gear – mostly tight shiny things, some bondage, and other various “interests”.  So, today, among the other schedules, we had a play afternoon set aside to really get to spend some quality time together and talk about the revelations of the last few weeks.  This would be one of the first times we could look each other in the eye to just make sure our one to one connection was as intense of the FaceTime ones had proven to be.

To put it mildly, fuck, yes, it was.  Even better, really.

One of the things I had worried about in this new transition of power was the actual sex.  See, we have always been, shall we say, equal in the bedroom with me most often being the “active” partner.  Frankly, I have never been one who subscribed to the “top or bottom” theory because, unlike a heterosexual couple, we have options as to what can go where (at least parts with blood flowing) and when you have been together as long as we have you tend to explore a bit more than one just throwing their ass in the air exclusively.  But, in this transition, I did have to wonder if I would be the one with the exclusive airy ass? Oddly, this was something we had not talked about.

So, this afternoon started with me being restrained, while still in the Holy Trainer V2, with my arms to my side, a wide collar around my wide neck, and a nice, thick gag stuffed oh so tight right beneath a locking blindfold.  Axel left me like that for what seemed like an hour (most likely just 15 minutes) while he showered and took care of other business and then suddenly appeared above me, key and steamy towel in hand, and took off the device freeing and tidying up my rather excited self.  He climbed up on me and said something like…

“This is the talk we have needed to have for a few weeks now, and I finally have you in the right spot in so, so many ways.  Now, I know you have worried about whether we are going to turn you into a big bottom, but, never fear, that is FAR from my intention.  In fact, now that you are going to be showing off your skills, at times, I consider it my job to make sure you are the best at this as you can be.  You know, for all of our sakes.  And, you do represent me, remember?

So, get ready, boy.

Oh, and by the way, in the past you have been too gentle.  That time, stops now”

So, was he serious? I now know he was sure enough to put that quote in a box, but at that moment,  I could not respond nor could I really move enough to react, so, what could I do? I mean, isn’t a sub supposed to follow orders, even when they are active order?  My mind was simultaneously melting and swooning.  I was both excited and worried.  I was already writing this post in my head.  And then, well, let’s just say, he sat down.

Holy fuck did he do that well.  For the first time in years, I think my mind truly shut down.  I was in that moment and was not leaving for what turned out to be an extended amount of time.  As the time moved on, gear was lost, some added, but then as it left again, I could see, talk, use my mouth, use my arms, and then use my gym work for various other things, but fuck, let’s just say, I heard that man make sounds he has not made in our many, many years together and I think I did too (although I am normally quite silent).

Fuckin’ A.

It’s hours later and I am still exhausted.

So, after all was done and multiple showers later, we went to dinner to one of my favorite spots on the other side of the city and talked more on the way.  He asked me if I was going to blog about it and I said yes.  I asked if he cared and he said no.  He asked if I was going to tell Thumper and I said yes.  In fact, I said I had already texted him the quote.  He beamed like a xenon headlight in snow.  We didn’t talk much after that point, but I think I saw, and felt, all I needed to know.

Part two of the relationship post coming soon from Thump.  I’m having a nice drink.

Sleep well, all.


  1. Locking what? Oh Drew we need to talk about these toys… errr… this equipment of yours!

    I’m so glad you got the connection with Axel that you needed. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My favorite post to date. A nice glimpse inside. You mentioned that you were totally in the moment then and the writing of this post reflects that.


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