The Chalkboard – Part Two

Just a quick post to say happy weekend to all.  It’s been a long week and I am currently sitting in a very cold airport in a very cold small city in Western New York trying to get home – which it looks like will happen with one stop around 10pm tonight.  I am very very excited as I have taken off most of next week to just be home and work on Axel’s Chalkboard project list.  This will be the first time in a year I have taken days off to just do chores, but I am so excited about that, especially since I leave for another 10 day international trip on Black Friday.

This will also be the first time he and I will have extended time together for consistency since this all started and I am looking very forward to that.

Plus, did I mention there will likely be sex?  God damn I hope there is sex.  I have used all my seductive wiles all week with Axel via suggestive pictures, flirtatious texts, and talk about things like a clean house and organized linen closets – yes, yes, you do what you know will work when married to a Type-A man.  I mean, it just makes sense, he did say he wanted me to practice for the rabbit, right?

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