The Alcohol Induced Almost Outing

While out to dinner with some good friends tonight, from across the table I hear Axel’s accent saying…

“Did you guys know that Drew is blogging about our sex lives together and about his with his, well, never mind, but it’s so fucking cool.  Oh, oh, and did he tell you he’s getting his penis pierced for me?”

Luckily, I have gotten used to dribbling in my pants over the past few weeks so my reaction was tempered, but, let’s just say, alcohol wise, that’s now forever known as “Axel’s Absolute”.


Fyi, no harm done because they know I write about everything anyway and have seen my other blogs.  Plus, I don’t think they heard the actual subject.  Now, penis wise, I’d most likely show them my dick after it was done anyway, but, JFC, that was close and will not happen again.


  1. Only one person outside of WP knows that I have a blog but he hasn’t seen it. I keep catching myself starting to say something about it but so far I haven’t spilled the beans. I’m not ready to share it yet, if ever.


  2. I have one friend outside the realm that knows too, but he doesn’t want to read it either. This was just funny because of all the people in the world to accidentally talk, I never ever thought Axel would be the one


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