The Proposal

From the email files from another site, someone who calls himself Azn76 asked me, multiple times, how Axel and I decided to get married, who proposed, where, etc.

Now, this is not at all relevant to the topics of this blog, BUT, since I did say ask me anything and, since gay marriage is somewhat of a black hole when it comes to etiquette (i.e.: I recently went to one wedding with a father/son dance – creepy or sweet? weeks later I can’t decide) I thought I would answer this one question because it is another glimpse into our relationship that some people evidently wonder about.  Now, one other myth, I know people who honestly think the “top” is the one who proposes.   That’s just funny.

For me and Axel, my proposal is legendary and, for the record, the movie rights are still available.  So, Azn76, get your tissues out because, well, it’s something.  Here is the story:

In July 2013, right after the SCOTUS ruling, late one night when I was traveling, I channeled every romantic cell within myself and decided to propose with the most touching text, yes, I said text, one had ever read.

While the exact words escape me now, they went something like:

hey, I just saw really good deal of a flight and I have an opening in my calendar. Any interest in flying to DC on your birthday and our 16th anniversary and getting married? We have to decide fast because there are only three seats left at this price. You wanna?

I know, I know, it’s goosebump worthy isn’t it?

Romance. Is. Not. Dead.

(for the record, we laugh about this because it was just natural, not staged, and represents how we live our lives)


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