A Rather Personal Note from Housekeeping

Today was not a locked day (with permission) because I had a very big presentation, a very khaki suit, and still have the inability to piss quickly without “issues”.  So, I was swinging free and a bit late when I left the hotel this morning so I forgot and left the holy trainer in the hotel bathroom.

I am in an Australian hotel that is staffed mostly by Chinese workers and came back to this creepy note.  Or maybe a cool note.  Or creepy.  I dunno.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset


  1. Leaving the note is definitely creepy! In my opinion, it would have been ok to place your HT on a clean hand towel or wash cloth on the vanity after they cleaned the bathroom but the note went too far! ~ bH ~


  2. I’d say from a hotel etiquette point of view it’s a big no no. Bit from a brilliant anecdote standing, it’s gold!

    Maybe some poor, locked and frustrated chap who has been waiting all his life to find another.

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  3. Thumper and I talked about it a bit ago and he’s decided the note writer is he the Asian slaveboy who is kept by the owner of the hotel and who is also locked, so he found a kindred spirit 🙂 – if you roll with it it’s rather hot! (but etiquette wise, it’s very stupid. Luckily nobody tips in this country)


  4. Hey that person that wrote the note could have offered to come bak and make sure you were locked up immediately upon your return! Creepy, not creepy… bad etiquette etc. seems like you got off (no pun intended) pretty easily! Just imagine the embarrassment if there had been a Female housekeeping person there to put you back into chastity and what if She took the key with Her!


  5. *waves hello from scrappy islands across the Tasman* hope you’re enjoying a touch of summer. Make sure you go to manly just so you can chuckle at all the things called Manly… And some aussiebum swimming togs, those are awesome.

    You know statistically its probably more likely that some unwitting and possibly philandering hubby is going to get a life altering surprise.

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  6. Waves back to you. Yes, I LOVE going to Manly every time I am here and still can’t help taking selfies underneath any and every sign that says “Manly”. It makes me feel masculine. Maybe.


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