Bye Bye Bleh

Damn, I already typed the headline and now I have that blasted N’Sync song stuck in my head.  Ugh.

So, the bleh is dead and I woke up in a really good mood.  Twice.  Actually.

This trip I am trying hard not to completely acclimate to the time here because I have a limited amount of time at home between trips and I find that the less I acclimate where I am, the better I feel when I get home because I am most likely to be able to sleep through the night.  So, last night, like the last few, I have gone to bed early, woken up around wake up time for my side of the world, spent about two hours talking to those I care about most in the Northern Hemisphere, did a few work emails because my support team are actually at work those hours, and then went back to bed for a few more before waking up again and starting the day.

This kind of stuff is really running the risk of being too blog blah, as this is supposed to be about the journey, but sometimes the journey has to work in the middle. so there you have it.

Would it help to know I did all of the above naked?  Does that race this up a bit?

In addition Axel and I finally had time to really talk overnight for me and between sessions for him and I think I am back to being centered which accounts for my good mood and better view of the day.  Of course, I have about 10 minutes before I catch the hotel shuttle to take me to the big industry campus I am on this week and from the looks of my diary (i.e.: calendar to you Americans) (I’m learning to speak here, finally) it’s going to be a hell of a day filled with awful staff meetings that are then followed by an awkwardly scheduled staff Christmas party, so I am not sure this mood will last too long.

BUT, while it’s here, I’m going to take my plastic penis and make the best of it.  T minus six days for the PA and I am very excited about getting it (and seeing Thumper too, of course).

Happy Thursday.

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