From the email filing cabinet

Evening all.  First and foremost, if you have sent me a direct email through the blog and I have not gotten back to you, my apologies.  When we set this up, I remember being really proud of myself for having the emails go to a specific file, which, I apparently never looked at again.

Second, thank you.  Most of these were very nice complements, well wishes, and sexual suggestions that, well, were quite suggestive (thank you specifically, steelsoul – that one I may try tomorrow AND the next day).

Finally, if I ignored you, well, I think you know why.  While it hasn’t happened in awhile (defined as more than three days), this same sex criticism is officially old news and not something I will even entertain past this post again.  I like sex with men.  ALOT. And I plan to have lots more sex with lots more men (well, at least two) for a long time forward.

Now, head on back to church and keep on praying as there are far more people in greater need of prayer than me. Pray on that.

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