Axel and THE Pictures

So, Axel and I just talked and texted awhile back and forth about the week and adventures within it.  I have sent him a few blurred PA pics, but, have purposely not told him much about the pain, the blood, or any of those things because, since this was his request, I am not wanting him to have any chance to feel bad about it and if he knew I was bleeding, worried, or even really stressed about anything, it would not be fair to him.  Plus, this is also one of the reasons why we both wanted Thumper to take me so we COULD avoid that.

That said, I had not told him much about any of the days with Thumper either because, well, he didn’t ask and I didn’t volunteer.  But, when Thumper posted the second best picture ever to his blog tonight and said that he had told Belle, I offered  to send Axel the naked bunny pic and the hand holding one and volunteer as much detail as he wanted to know.  Turns out, his only question was “did you have fun?” to which I said something really poetic like “Fucking Yes” and he said “That’s all I want and need to know”.  He did want to see the pictures, however.

Fully acknowledging that I know I could just reference the pictures without reposting them, but since they are so good and make me happy, it’s my choice and I will just show them again with Axel’s responses.

Said responses, as well as the one above, are why I love that man so much.

IMG_0128 2

Axel:  “This makes me sooooooo freaking happy.  I worried about you all day and, while I knew you were in great hands, now that I can actually see it, it’s like I just breathed again.  Tell him thank you from me” followed by “Is that my City Sports Shirt you are wearing.  I can’t find mine?” (it wasn’t – he’s a M and I am XL)


Axel: “God Damn, no wonder you want that ass so much.  He’s just hot front and back, huh? Seriously, it makes me feel good to know you took that picture knowing you were happy and, especially, that you now know what it’s like for someone you are naked with to use their phone at an inappropriate time – hint hint”  (note from Drew – one time, one time, I checked a text.  One time)


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