The Thursday Flow

I dreaded following Thumper’s wonderful post all day.  How can one follow that?  I mean, it was almost perfect aside from a few random sex facts that he left out.  We made a list of those this afternoon so I am sure he will add that at some point.  At least I hope so.  Please?

Anyway, I told you last night that I would write more about how the PA feels, what it’s like, etc.  Well, frankly, I don’t know yet and don’t feel like writing it.  Basically, I am trying really hard to just pretend that my nether regions do not exist right now, although I am incredibly horny (especially after reading that post and thinking ahead), I do NOT want to touch anything, feel anything, or think about what may or may not be oozing out at the moment.  Of course, since I brought up oozing, the bleeding has slowed down to very minimal amount, but just enough that I need to continue to fly the maxi pad with wings (fyi, ladies, those things are hard to position and they stick to themselves, not to mention the hair catching, kudos to you all).  There is a bit of a discharge that is to be expected but what has surprised me is that the swelling is down to a point that it moves “in there” when I walk.  Currently that burns and hurts and just feels weird, BUT, I can tell that one day I might enjoy it.  Just saying.

Also, I did find myself today staring at the room of people and thinking things like “I bet none of them have a piece if metal in their dick”, etc.  I think I will enjoy that for some odd reason.

I did take a few pictures tonight since some of you have asked about the jewelry and the size.  Two things to note, I’m not a fan of the jewelry,  Actually, I have always not especially liked these curved barbells when I have seen them on guys and vastly prefer a ring which I will get when I am healed or when I am next in Minnesota with the rabbit so we can go back to the same place to get it.  Second, my man is really not representing me well tonight in these snapshots because he’s really really mad at me right now and has retreated into his dark, safe space.

More updates soon when my mind will allow me to really enjoy whatever this feeling is.

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  1. Wow your thighs. Im pretty sure you had your man parts pierced… But holy shit…those thighs. You have the coolest hubby and boyfriend. And did i mention your thighs?
    Im sure your “man” will come out of his shell soon enough!

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    1. Thank you, Kitten. Now I feel guilty for skipping the gym 🙂

      And I agree, the coolest husband and boyfriend ever – who’d have ever thought? It’s just fascinating in so many ways.


    1. Thank you. The pain was more than I thought at the moment, but has not been bad at all since. Now, I just have to will my cells to heal faster – there is work to do!


  2. I had an idea of what a PA piercing looked like but hadn’t actually seen one before… WOW!! After seeing your pics, I’m not surprised he’s gone in to hiding.

    I’m so happy to hear that the bleeding is better. My background is in health care, so I was really worried about you!


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