The Bisexual Bunny Tongue

Well, with a title like that, one has to look, right?

For the record, I am sitting in a group setting of about 200 people all staring at a speaker speaking about, something, but they seem interested, but I am not.  So, I decided to take out my iPad and blog about my kinks and sex while sitting here.  I think it’s my new jewelry that has already made me a bad boy.  I like it.

Anyway, as I sit here thinking about the whirlwind of the past few days, I can’t get the reference I made to the “bisexual tongue” out of my head, nor, luckily, can I forget the feeling it made.

Frankly, Thumper‘s tongue is just the bomb.  There.  I said it.

I laugh because, I am not one to usually talk about stuff like this but this new bad boy side is emerging and I guess I have embraced it.  While his tongue is normal sized, shaped, and I think the color is okay, that man has a talent that I have not run across, well, ever.  Frankly, I attribute this to his bisexuality and his ability to go from aggressive to tender in a way no gay boy has ever done with me before.

I suspect it’s just like the way he describes my hands, or the pressure I place on him, or the scruff, or the way I grab and hold deep to a point of almost pain – but, that’s just me being me and since I tend to go for the more masculine type, bigger guys, that is the kind of sex I have always had.  I am not faulting it in the slightest, mind you, but, correct me if I am wrong, every magazine I have read or sitcom I have watched describe women, in most cases, as liking a more tender, delicate touch in their day to day touching or sexual encounters and I never really thought about how men have to adapt to that, or, if it’s just something that is natural and sweet to men attracted to women. Like a daisy or a gentle stream.

So, speaking specifically about the muscle in his mouth, the men I have been with and, well, me included, tend to just dive right in to whatever orifice we are going after.  Like a conquest of saliva attacking the gentle walls of whatever.  I thought that was how it worked, really, or maybe just never thought about it at all, but with the bisexual tongue, there is a gentleness, a light crisp, cool touch, a whisper so to speak, a circle or two, and then a nice dive in at a slow, yet steady speed, then followed by the free-fall to fun.  It’s electrifying in many ways and truly changed my view of kissing – in any place.  While I am not anywhere where I can or want to practice it, I can’t wait to try this at home – although I do have to wait a bit because I can’t see my boyfriend and immediately come home with new talents – that’s just tacky. But I can slowly work it into my repertoire and see what happens or beg the rabbit for a drive by one day when I just fly through.

In the meantime, I can remember and wait.

Tick. Tock. Tick.


  1. Drew, you devil you. I made the mistake of reading this post while trying to eat my lunch. The result was that I kept having to adjust myself under my desk. At one point my keyboard moved hands free!

    I think you’re both very bad boys and you both should be punished, well not too much. Perhaps just some bondage with cuffs, a collar and some rope….

    Loving your blog.


  2. I’m a female and men have jammed up my mouth with hard tongue a lot more than I’ve ever wanted. That was plenty, thanks.

    You can self-sample “a gentleness, a light crisp, cool touch, a whisper so to speak, a circle or two,” before you let Axel in on some of this delight. You can cup your hand over your mouth so that the “cup” has sides and a bottom (pun not intended) and let your tongue explore. A little surprisingly, hands can give a lot of feedback.

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  3. You guys are both terrific. I can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun and excitement in my reading material. Oh wait,yes I can, after all I’ve been following Thumper’s blog for about 3 years. Its always informative and entertaining.

    But Drew, you have a way about you, quick and mischievious. Your writing style is so different. Together you compliment one another in many ways. I can honestly see it in both your posts.

    By the way the photos are all great too. Thumper’s butt took my breath away and the photo of his hand holding yours is a powerful one. It speaks volumes about your special friendship. And those black leather cuffs tight around his wrists and ankles…… Oh my ,I’m getting warm. You are both so lucky, I hope you guys maintain that special relationship for a long time.

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    1. Well, I have to say that was one of the nicest comments in awhile. I have to say that I know exactly what you mean about looking forward to the posts because I did that for years and years until I finally invited myself to tap him, so to speak, of course.

      As for the writing styles, they do have a similarity which somewhat reflects how he and I are together in person, so that you.

      And, for the pics, the hand one is now my wallpaper because that one just honestly meant so much to me when I was in pain. The other is in the private file because, I agree 117%, his ass is HOT. Don’t worry about our friendship, I think we have figured that out just dandy.

      Thank you again.


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  4. Drew? I’m demonstrating that I’m naïve, but here it goes.
    I think you and Thumper have been together twice, and both times it has read to be very natural and awesome.
    How do you know not to be too rough? How does Thumper know when to use the safe word, in the future? Do you plan to have casual, intimate sessions in the future, or would that be too boring for the two of you?
    I know I could read about bondage encounters elsewhere online, but I feel you would be sincere, and truthful with your reply. Plus I really like to read what you write. Skipper


    1. Hi there. First, Thumper, PLEASE feel free to respond to this question too. Let’s see, yes, there have been two physical times together and, while we each admitted nerves both times, they were both very natural and awesome, in my opinion. That said, especially since the first and second time, he and I have spent inordinate amounts of time “together” via video, phone, or simply Facebook text chats. During those times, we have shed a lot of the self imposed expectations we placed on each other and agreed to just let it evolve, which you have been witnessing.

      How do I know not to be too rough? Well, I don’t actually. He tells me. I know from the first session I was too light, from the second I was just right at times, etc. He tells me through sounds, facial expressions and guttural moans. It’s just “there”. On the safeword, we don’t really have one yet, or ever maybe, because I know already when the look is wrong, the sound is wrong, and all he has to do is say “stop”. Plus, as he mentioned, I asked he time in a challenge format. He did say yes. Often.

      On to the plan, aside from the actual planning of logistics, we both discussed early on this would not be something planned. There may be general flirting for awhile before the visit, but I do not carry an itinerary with me, though I know some do. This time we had D/s sec, great lazy naked conversation which then did switch to more mutual, respectful sex.

      As for the reading, I am not sure I gave you much here, but thank you immensely.

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  5. Drew thanks for the reply. I’m surprised by my confusion with the Drew / Thumper relationship!
    I can’t explain my confusion easily? I consider myself a smart rational guy. In reality the relationship between you and Thumper is a relationship between two people. That’s what people do… engage in relationships! I get that.
    About six months ago I stumbled upon Thumper’s blog… I read the entire blog over a 5 or six day period; He clicked with me… we became great friends! (He doesn’t know that… lol)
    I hung on every word in the blog. At the same time I “fell in love” with Belle. She rocks. I want to marry someone just like her… someday… if I ever figure out my sexuality. So… now I have a married couple, Thumper and Belle, who are really good friends just like many other couples who are in my life. Except with Thumper and Belle… I’m privy to their sex life and its awesome. Next, Thumper, gets a boyfriend; who turns out to be as cool as Thumper. I read Dual Duality from day one. Drew is as solid as Thumper and Belle and now I have another person that I have become good friends with (Drew doesn’t know this… lol)
    I find myself often checking for new developments in their lives. I understand (I think) and agree with their commitments to each other and now as I do with my friends I worry about them and I don’t want anything to screw up for them.
    I could type on and on… and ramble… I’m not the writer that Drew and Thumper are. (Here is another thing; How can two people Drew and Thumper have a relationship that is really cool and both of them coincidentally be really great at expressing things in writing? amazing! Whats the odds of that?)
    Back to my closing. Now after attempting to confess to all of this… I run the risk that Drew, and/or Thumper… will conclude that some nut case guy in Nevada is going to start stalking them?
    Repeat: I’m surprised by my confusion with the Drew / Thumper relationship. This is all new to me!
    Regards to all, Skipper


  6. Ha, Skipper. No way on the nut case in Nevada thing. I “get” it. I promise. I am in an airport now having gotten an earlier flight so I don’t have time to write back the way I want to at the moment, but I will within the day, I promise.

    But, I mean, I do have to ask, have you not fallen for Axel too? He’s going to be crushed. 🙂

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    1. Lol… I don’t know Axel yet… need more time to warm up to him, lol. I’m a bit afraid of him!
      As per your questions of me from yesterday; I’m 55, single, never married. I consider myself Bi, but I have never been with a guy before. I’m really conservative which is good and its bad. I have many great friends and close friends, all married, and none of them would I ever discuss sexuality.
      About 16 months ago… one of my best friends confided in me that he and his wife were having relationship issues. Additionally he mentioned that they were swingers, and they have a female lead relationship. Of course this was all new to me and that’s when I started my research.
      I read about the swinging lifestyle, which lead to me getting into the habit of logging on to a web site called Cam4…
      Next, I learned about chastity, which lead me to discover the denyingthumper blog which lead me to the drewduality.


  7. “For the record, I am sitting in a group setting of about 200 people all staring at a speaker speaking about, something, but they seem interested, but I am not. So, I decided to take out my iPad and blog about my kinks and sex while sitting here.”

    I laughed out loud at this. You rebellious boy, you *laugh*.

    I’m fascinated by your ‘gay’ vs ‘bi’ discovery! Wow! You mean gold star gays are missing out on that beautiful range of sensations?!! Double wow!

    Not to get too personal, but do you have a lot of experience with men in terms of numbers (*insert rude ‘so how slutty WERE you?’ comment here…*)? I’m trying to figure out if you just struck a particular subset (who were perhaps even taking their lead from you) or if your sample size is reasonably representative?



    1. First, it’s DOUBLE gold star gay (never been in, never been out) and, second, what a great question. Since I have written about a man’s tongue in my ass, nothing really is too personal, so let’s take a look at my slut side, shall we?

      Sadly, I am not a slut in reality, but in my head I am a HUGE one. In terms of numbers, I started late (age 20) since I was waiting for the gay to go away and, when it didn’t, I got busy although I am about to reveal not busy enough. So, counting Axel and Thumper, and depending on one’s definition of sex (mine is that something goes in somewhere) I am in the 10-12-ish range. So, my sample size is too small to draw a real conclusion, but it does raise an interesting possible study 🙂


  8. DOUBLE gold star, of course! I am ashamed.

    Your sample size is much too small. We obviously need bigger sluts! And yes, a study!! 🙂

    I find it so very interesting.

    I think my sexual spectrum was absolutely broadened by being with a woman *very* early on. I think most heterosexual women’s early sexual experiences are cock-centric, male orgasm orientated, so they often don’t learn about the amazing spectrum of sensations until they gain the confidence to question that ‘norm’ (and I suspect some women NEVER get there).

    The difference between women and gay men is that often for women that sense of something missing WILL happen eventually because, quite simply, they probably aren’t getting off so they *know* there’s something missing.

    It makes sense that IF your experiences never introduce you to alternatives, and the sex is hot, and you come a lot, you have no reason to think you are missing out on anything.

    Completely fascinating.

    Thank you for sharing.



    1. You are quite right and it’s something I never would have even thought about before, but now I CANNOT forget (hear that, Thumper?). I have to tell you that it has made me wonder about what I am missing and where. These are the things that when I started down this avenue I had NO idea I would find!


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