Wing Free at 72 Hours

Morning.  Advance warning, this post is certainly not nearly as fun as the “Bisexual Bunny Tongue” – which, btw, I think is one of my favorite posts I have done in at least a while – but, since I promised to document my piercing journey for those who may be interested, I wanted to make sure I made one entry.

It’s Saturday morning, and around noon today it will have been almost 72 hours since that bad boy went into this bad boy.  It honestly feels like it’s been so much longer because, frankly, it’s been almost all I have been able to think about since I did it.  Both in good and bad ways.

That said, the blood has stopped completely.  Yesterday I had a bit more, but I realized that I had taken an Advil that morning and that has a technical blood thinning effect, so I am chalking it up to that.  It didn’t last very long and wasn’t very scary.  So, I donned by first pair of briefs wing free yesterday afternoon and even got to sleep naked last night, which is vastly what I prefer and always a bed rule at home too.  Urination still feels like I drank fire but I learned that if I am able to spray the saline spray they told me to use (versus salt soaks of the past) directly on my dick where it will dilute the piss and head a bit into the hole, it nullifies the pain.  That plus a Tylenol or two.

The good is that there is NO redness, NO external swelling, and NO marks on my dick aside from a weird little scratch I think the bunny made.  Plus, most often I don’t really know it’s there aside from me looking around the room and thinking I am such a bad ass bad boy, etc. and tonight I get to go home for the first time to show Axel.  It’s funny because a colleague who I shared this with last night (while I also shared my “I have a boyfriend story”  – strong Ketel One) asked me about my plans for the “big reveal” and I realized I had none.  Of course, he can’t touch it – fuck I can’t even touch it – and I don’t get home tonight until after 10, so I suspect it’s going to be rather anti-climactic, which I rather hope at this point.  I am only home a bit more than 24 hours this time and leave again for six days (before a 3-4 week travel hiatus for the holidays which is why I am slamming myself next week) so I am hoping by the time I get back from THAT trip we can have a proper show and tell.

So, that is that. While I am not at all unhappy about having done it, I do have to say I wish I were happier about it at this point, but for me it’s just weird now and I know that feeling will absolutely pass, especially with recent rabbit conversations about what he is hoping to feel from it!!!

More tomorrow.  Happy Saturday everyone.


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