Day 4.5 – My Penis Begins to Forgive

Just a quick note for the archives.  Today is all good. There have been a few sensitive issues such as the dog jumping in my lap or me running into things, but, all in all, I am starting to get very used to him being down there because he’s not being nearly the bother that he was over the last few days.

Also, I think my penis is starting to forgive me.  He’s done bleeding for good and during a spirited round of Tumblr looking and then twittering with the Bunny earlier this afternoon, he even peeked his head out of the dark cave he’s been living in since Wednesday and tried really hard to rise to the occasion and say hello.  This, of course, felt like I was being torn in half for a split second, but that went away quickly – as did his attention.

However, I guess baby steps apply even to very adult things.

Last trip of 2014 starts tomorrow for six days, then done.  Happy week everyone.  I’ll occasionally update this subject as needed!


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