One Week of Metal’d Bad Boy-Ness

Ha, I started this thinking this would be a one-week review of the Prince Albert, as if one could take it back or decide on a different model.  But, since I have said I would document this journey for myself later and for those who get poked after me, I wanted to do the one week update, tonight, one week later.

In the last few days I have become more and more accustomed to have the piercing “down there”.  It’s funny because the hurting or constant sharp pinching feeling has settled down as the wound has healed, so not every movement that would touch the jewelry inflicts that jolt of anger mixed with shock anymore as it did just a few days ago.  In fact, yesterday I had a day where I was sitting in a great deal of meetings and found myself just touching my pants inappropriately feeling the ball of the jewelry.  That is odd, yet wonderful and very very distracting to both myself and the audience I was speaking to!  I really had to stop myself from acting like the whole penis thing is new and, most importantly, from accidentally simulating masturbation in front of a live, studio audience.  I am near Amish Country this week and I am most certainly sure that this is an activity that would get one shunned. Or stoned.

The funniest thing is that every toilet break is a gamble and I am trying to figure out exactly how to hold Mr Winkie to get the results I want, versus spraying my neighbor, myself, or the wall.  The odd or cool, depending on how you look at it, thing is that this is something that I assume will constantly evolve as the jewelry is changed, etc.  Right now, every time is different because, I guess, the internal swelling is going down so it’s changing rapidly.  As for burning, that is still there but really only, maybe, one time out of five that makes me really “notice”.  At those times I just assume I am holding it different so that the urine is reaching a part of the tube that has not been as flooded as the rest of it has.

As a note regarding the healing, for those in the future who do this, you will find that advice given in one place is different than the advice given elsewhere.  In fact, it varies by the piercer as Thumper and I each went to the same place but, possibly due to the time gap, we got completely different healing advice regarding soaking, touching, etc.  For me, I found that a can or bottle of saline sprayed on the piercing as I pissed is refreshing and goes into the raw area significantly reducing any burn.  Also, many have told me that I should heal faster because I was poked with such a large gauge, but that is counterintuitive in my mind, so if any of you want to explain this to me please, please do.

Erection wise.  All is happy there too.  I am now pleased to report that I can stand at attention with the best of them without feeling that “ripping” feeling that happened the first few times.  As tempting as it is, though, I have been warned to make sure that I do not touch aggressively or at all really for another week or so in an effort not to disrupt any healing.  Of course, these warnings are from the Bunny who, admittedly, has a vested interest in my speedy recovery, but, I also know he is really looking out for my best interest too.  (Friends who hurt each other can also look out for each other, just a relevant note from an earlier comment)

So, that’s it for a few days.  Wrapping up my time on the East Coast tomorrow and then I have to “run to Los Angeles” for a 45 minute meeting on Friday afternoon just late enough to not be able to get a flight home (yes, yes, I said that right – WTF?) and then home on Saturday for almost three weeks.  Axel be warned!



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