Did I buy a Saturn?

I just had a weird experience at the urinal in the airport. Well, to qualify that, since I got the pa every experience at the urinal is odd as I’ve not quite mastered the direction thing yet, but, in this case my aim was perfect.

Anyway, I noticed the man next to me “glancing” to which he then said “nice size gauge, man. How long have you had it?” Which was followed by him swinging around and showing me his two gauge that’s he’s very proud of. I froze. I mean it’s not like he had lady parts or anything and it and he were rather attractive, but, this cannot be normal can it?

I thanked him, of course, before bidding him adieu and am now really hoping he’s not about to file past me on my flight.

It just reminded me of when I was in high school and my parents bought me a Saturn. I had to trade it because every other Saturn driver waved.

I know I’m now in a club of sorts, but, surely no, just no.


  1. I thought it was strictly verboten to glance at another man’s junk when you’re at a urinal (ditto locker rooms) much less SAY SOMETHING because, you know, that’s sooo gay and god knows you don’t want to catch teh gays!

    So the fact that he looked at all would be the weird thing wouldn’t it?

    Or are you allowed to look, just not to get caught?

    The rules of cock clocking are foreign to me!


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    1. You nailed it. The cock clocking rules (btw, love that phrase) are typically very strict and, in hindsight, I think the fact that he would actually admit to having clocked me threw me off more than him showing himself to me. Now, I assume he was gay based on how well put together he was and his fabulous briefcase, but gay or straight, while one might flash one’s eyes left or right IF the subject of interest is out AND one knows one won’t get caught, one never ever says anything. That’s why I wondered if having a sparkly bit of metal made it “okay” to look or, well, as I like to believe, he was just so taken that he couldn’t help himself 🙂

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  2. > I mean it’s not like he had lady parts or anything […]

    Hey. I’m a trans guy who has been following your blog for a while. Just wanted to stop by (for some reason this post got tagged on my RSS feed and I just opened it again today) and say, well, comments like these make me feel pretty bad about myself. I get that being trans isn’t common but still, seeing casual comments like this just feels really “othering” and like my body is freakish and something to be ashamed of.

    Sorry that my first comment around these parts is a complaint. (And on an old post, too!) Just… felt like I should say something.


    1. Hi James. First, thanks for your comment and I do understand; however,please just know this comment is part of a larger scale thing where I have a fear of “lady parts” that Thumper is teaching me about and, if you read more and more, you will see the lady parts I refer to have nothing to do with who they are attached to, just my double gold star gay aversion to all of them.


    2. FWIW, I don’t find trans guys freakish or anything at all to be ashamed of. I think they’re fucking hot as hell. You’re a damned butterfly, James. Remarkable, not “other.”

      Be that as it may, I understand how Drew’s casual use of language might offend or bother you. I know him and while he may not be aware that the language he uses could offend some, he’s not unlike so many of us who are getting used to a world with openly trans folks in it.


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