The 63″ High Definition Bunny Butt

I think the blog has been a bit serious of late, you know, with all the bleeding and everything, but since I have not been in the position to update you on sensual sexual sessions, locked lessons learned, or even roaring rabbit rocket pain sessions, I thought I’d share one of those embarrassing moments that every kinkster fears. Yes, yes, the inadvertent shared picture.

As you know, Axel has been sick so it’s been a quiet week. Yesterday afternoon we started cuddling a bit on the couch while watching a tad of Netflix and, for some reason, the Apple TV screensaver started. I have this set to show a specified file of really happy life pictures of me, Axel, Stella and friends but yesterday, something switched, something somewhere got filed wrong and right in front of us was a naked Thumper. Right there in all of his stainless glory on 63″ of LED HDTV.

Now, we all know that Axel knows I see him naked and that I do some “interesting” things to him. We even know he knows there are some pictures taken sometimes. However, I promised to never really discuss details with him which, I assumed, just automatically included not showing him super sized naked pictures of sparking stainless steel genitals, but I did and I panicked. Me being me, I overcompensated, grabbed the Macbook and somehow clicked another, then another before they stopped. Anyone remember when Lucy could not stop the line of chocolates? That is how I felt.

Axel, to his credit, just said “nice ass” to one of the pictures and went on about his day. I breathed a sigh of relief and then laughed a bit thinking I had escaped while immediately going to see how the fuck that had happened (we had a new internet line installed yesterday and the settings got switched moving my screen savers to my “other” file -which has now been password protected). This is one of my biggest fears and I really got out lucky. The other is accidentally attaching a bad pic to a work file since I use one computer for everything, but I check that 9,017 times each time I do something.

So, life went on last night, I made a naked vow, and then, right before bed, he said “those pictures today, I have two questions”. My gut dropped. I waited. I worried.  And, said, “okay???”.  His first question was “One, is that your actual screensaver because, well, if so, that’s just weird and we should discuss that” (it’s not, so) and “Two, is that really his ass? cause he really looks good” and, with that, rolled over and went to sleep.

So, just another night in an open marriage I guess.

Most importantly, Thumper has said I can show that picture, so, here’s a bit of bunny tail to close your year.

Happy 2015 everyone.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset


  1. Sorry, but I almost fell off the couch, I was laughing so hard! I always worry that my Mom is going to see something I don’t want her to see when she asks to see pics that our family has posted on Facebook. I always have several tabs open on my laptop & I try to minimize all of them before she gets to the house.

    And I agree with Axel… Thumper does have a nice ass! 🙂

    Happy New Year!!

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  2. My phone is plastered with pics and I constantly worry I haven’t moved something to the “Our pics” folder! We’ve even got folders inside of folders inside of folders on the computer on a password protected profile so the kids don’t run into those. I’m completely paranoid though, especially with my phone because I lead a double life on this thing. My sexy kinky I lock up and peg my hubby life and my oh so happy vanilla don’t worry mom we’re still alive life.

    I had to laugh but thank God that wasn’t during a dinner party or something haha I have to agree I’m loving the bunny porn (mainly because his body looks so very much like my hubby’s and Thumper is, as we affectionately call you boys, “fucking hot!”

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  3. Priceless 😉 thumper does have a great ass… In fact I think we’ve seen more of him than his own Dr! Haha. Xx happy New Year lovely Drew and equally lovely Axel xx

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  4. Just a note to say happy new year and that I hope 2015 is the year you find God and quit tempting men to change and cheat on their wives.

    I also hope you’ll realize marriage is between a man and woman and not Adam and Steve. Please quit saying you are married as that’s just not right.

    Peace to you and I hope you find your way.


    1. Happy New Year, Amy. Just a note to say that I hope that 2015 is the year that you start studying your Bible, especially the passages about the hypocrites, about not judging others, and the parts about minding the beam in your own eye.

      And I also hope that you realize that the Christian rules and limitations on relationships only apply to Christians. Passing judgement on others not of your faith is one of those things that Jesus decried in others.

      Peace and love.

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    1. Drew, I’m an old guy. I’ve been hanging out with gay dudes since the 70s, way before it was cool. None of you have recruited me, nor has any propensity for interior decorating rubbed off on me.

      Interestingly, I have some relatives that are fundie/evangelical Christians. They are constantly trying to recruit me, and continually rub me the wrong way. And some of our biggest arguments are on how they interpret the Bible in very specific ways that allows them to judge people with different lifestyles, while ignoring their own sins.

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  5. Can I say this?
    I was going to come here and reply and find some clever way to beat around the bush to tell you you’re a jackass… but I’ve changed my mind.

    I’m not sure what year you’re living in or what backwoods deep south trailer park but you might want to pick up a bible some day and read all the wonderful stories between men and women. There are plenty there that talk about the love and devotion two women have for each other as well as two men devoting their lives to one another. There are all kinds of passages in the bible and some of the same passages where gay sex is condemned and punished, so is eating shrimp, crop co-mingling, eating rabbit, wearing linen and wool at the same time, and eating raw meat. So if you’re gonna be a Biblical literalist, you might as well start sewing your own clothes and becoming a vegetarian.

    If you have an issue with gay or bisexual men and women, I’m not even sure why you continue to burn your eyes by following their blogs.

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    1. So if you’re gonna be a Biblical literalist, you might as well start sewing your own clothes and becoming a vegetarian.

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that my FundieVangelical relatives don’t bother with that last part.

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  6. Some time ago,the marquee on the local Unitarian church said, “Whoa Soldiers, America is not a Christian country.” Amy, etc., should take note of that. Marriage is a civil contract between the two partners and the state. The religious ceremonies that follow in some cases are just window dressing.
    Another church marquee with a better message:
    “Everyone Welcome

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