Painful Nipples, Moody Me and Hateful Virginia

Well, I am sitting here on my flight from seeing Thumper waiting to de-ice so we can take off and I can go home. I’m now two and a half hours delayed and we are still sitting here, so as it stands, I am going to miss seeing Axel because he will likely be in bed by the time I get home tonight. I know I will wake him as we live in a 117 year old house, so there is nothing quiet about entering, leaving, or even walking within its levels due to the creaking, the moaning, the rattles, and the security system that is straight out of Star Wars that “announces” one’s arrival. That kind of waking is no fun and not good for conversation. Oh, oh, yes, I also think we have a ghost, who I have named Hobart, but that’s a story for another time and place, but Hobart doesn’t like me coming in late either.

Anyway, it was a very nice trip and I am already looking forward to the next one which is actually only three weeks from today (we are pushing a few in before I start working in Australia and China again in February). I am sure (and really hoping) that tomorrow Thumper will be writing one of his posts about the sex parts and, although we didn’t fuck like bunnies the whole time due to some outside distractions, we did manage to have a really fun afternoon yesterday from which I think his nipples will be sore for a few days. At least I hope they will be. I wasn’t able to make him growl this time, but I did help him reach the consistent whimper that just doesn’t stop.

Fuck, that is such an amazing sound. I really wish I had thought to record it as my ringtone because, God damn, I do love the way he sounds when I hurt him. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Now, as I write this, I am in a weird mood and know why but also want to specify that it has nothing to do with Thumper and that bisexual bunny tongue (which still works wonderfully). The timing of the mood happened almost at the airport this time before we parted (which btw this time he actually stopped and let me out with a quick kiss versus the drop and roll move I’d need to do had I ejaculated – which is a joke because I think a part of him hates dropping me off too because “life” starts back up and, frankly, I am a joy to be around).

So, back to me and my mood, It’s a reflective mood and not a sad mood, although, to be honest, even those who know me incredibly well have trouble deciphering which is which. Poor Axel especially. After 17 years together he can’t tell them apart yet which bothers him, my husband, but really, really kills him, the therapist. I’m telling you, before he was Dr. Axel, I was diagnosed with every topic of that month’s syllabus as he tried to figure it out. Tonight I got all funky about a stupid proposed law in the State of Virginia that would basically allow any business or similar place to deny service to anyone who is gay and/or who they think may have engaged in homosexual acts. The reality is that this is some hack who wants to appeal to some someone and I have no worries in my head that this will even get any traction. However, what that God damned fucker who introduced it did was validate the Amy and Purples of the world and, even worse, is that, in a five minute period this afternoon, I let that proposed law and the letters Thumper and I have received finally get to me and that happened when I glanced at Facebook while in Thumper’s sled heading to the airport. It just literally slammed me silently because I did not want to let him see me get upset, especially five minutes before parting ways, but I know he saw something because I am transparent around those who I have “let in”.

So, I got through that because I had a 37 pound suitcase of bondage gear to check, security to get my newly adorned metal penis through (more on that later) and then find a SkyClub to have a drink and charge my iPhone. I was past it and then the fucking article started getting tweeted and, fuck, my inner Jan Brady emerged again and it made me want to cry, then it made me mad at myself for even thinking about crying, and then it just really made me sad that we, as a people, have come so far and yet this stupid shit still comes up and it takes me back to a day when that shit really, really lingered and I feel horrible for the LGBT teenagers who are now just glimpsing this world because it just sucks to grow up and have people tell you that you are sick, evil, or wrong. For fuck’s sake, I am a 44 year old married executive who has this incredible, tall dark and handsome (literally)husband who loves me for every single fiber of who I am, an amazing home, family, a best friend who knows my kinky side without judgment that I wear a tattoo in honor of, and, well, although a tad unconventional for both the term and the practice, a new boyfriend who is such a good, wickedly brilliant man that I feel just as proud to call a friend as I do to call him my whore, hole, or slut (note: if you are a new reader of the blog, go back and read, there is context there that doesn’t make me sound as horrid as it does if you don’t know the history), and if I know I have all that going for me and can still let those people get to me, even for five minutes, what does that do to those who are young or not strong? I rarely will tell you I hate someone, but, to the man in Virginia who brought this forward; I hate you and how dare you interfere with a day where I was supposed to be basking in the afterglow of my sexual prowess. Fuck you again, man, and not in that good way either.

So, enough about moody me. The wifi is out on this plane so I am just going to keep writing until I get home versus posting now. But, to go back to the fun parts of the day, after a second naked rendezvous this morning, we went to a great spot for lunch where he took me last time and I wanted to go back because that was when my penile hemorrhaging started last time after the PA and I didn’t get to enjoy. This pizza adventure was then followed by another trip to Saint Sabrina’s where I finally got my ring and had it installed and then he and I did some blog work (actually, he worked and I pointed and picked until we got worried the Bears would be home soon). Speaking of which, how do you like the new theme, peeps? I need comments though because I have to test the sidebar thing now, so, bring it on (please).

The new PA ring is fascinating but it’s HUGE. Evidently piercings are done to match one’s size and where your parts line up. For me, I am not long and probably about the same length as Thumper who anyone with wifi has seen, but I am a bit stockier (or as I was lovingly described today as “more than a mouthful”), so they match they jewelry to look right which has left me with this giant looking ring. As a plus, I am pissing like a one hole penis again all straight and narrow like. Fun.

I’m going to write more on the PA, Axel and mine’s “fresh start” and my views of bisexuals over the next day or two, so, stay tuned (I might even show you a naked bunny pic too). Also, note, I go back to real work next week and have five cities in four days, so don’t delete me for overloading your feed of late, I will slow down on posting soon.

Finally, to Amy and Purple, Thumper and I were very naked together AND God was just fine with it.

We asked.


  1. I personally don’t care for the current background, but that’s just, like, my opinion, man. But part of the reason I don’t care for it is that it’s very busy and tends to try and draw my eye while I’m reading.


  2. Agree with you and Lady M, however, on subby boy noises. Oh, they are the best. I’m actually considering getting a ring gag so that if/when I want him gagged, it doesn’t muffle quite as much.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m enjoying your blog tremendously,Drew. I wish i could write as well as you! What I wouldn’t give to have that ringtone. I don’t live in the USA but have visited there soooo often, including Virginia, but WTF! What backward thinking! Its just so alien to me.

    Enough said! I know what pleasure \ pain rough nipple treatment can bring! Lucky Thumper.

    I’d love to hear more about Hobart, your new ring and your 37lbs luggage!


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