And then this happened,

Thumper and Axel are now friends on Facebook.

I feel like I should be in seventh grade passing a note with the tab that says “pull here” to tell you that.

However, it’s significant in many ways and insignificant in so many others.

It started this afternoon when I was in a meeting with a really big client and accidentally left my phone face up on the table with the volume on. As the meeting hit its peak, I heard Thumper’s distinctive text tone and suddenly went into a pseudo-convulsive state trying to reach my phone as it was at that precise minute, I remembered him threatening to text me dirty pictures and to say dirty things to me during this meeting, because, well, just because (last week that happened accidentally and, let me say, meeting with a CEO with a hard on is fun but a tad distracting).

Anyway, it seemed the bunny had forgotten his threat but caught me just as off guard with the simple sentence:

“I just friend requested Axel”.

I placed the newly silent phone face up in the chair next to me and went about my meeting wondering about the behind the bunny intention and the timing.

Then arrived:

“Thumper just sent me a friend request”


“Your Mom called. Stella needs food”

“I’m saying yes”

“Do you care?”

“Oh, forgot you were in a meeting”

“Thumper’s very handsome”

“My new shoes came”

“Belle is really pretty”

So, the meeting continued and I kept glancing down at the chair watching the reminder messages popping up while also admiring our ability to hold multiple conversations at once. We are a gifted couple.

When it was over I had a two-hour drive and called Axel to talk about what type food to buy Stella and he brought up the request. I asked him why he felt he had to ask me (although I so would have asked him if the situation was reversed) and he said something really stellar like “dunno” and that he was really happy he sent it. He said, “you know, I doubt we will ever really chat or anything, but it will be nice to virtually know him better. I mean, he is your boyfriend so, by default, he’s part of my life too”.

I fell in love with him just a little bit more at that moment.

Then, I talked to Thumper and asked what spurred that and why now and got an equally stellar reply like “just cause”.

He said he had been thinking about it since Axel sent the comment last weekend; which both broke the ice and reserved him at least a second row spot at my funeral, and just decided to do it.

So, that’s the non-newsworthy news but is just a bit more of the evolution so I wanted to document it.


P.S. – to just head off any questions,

One, no, I did not do the same for Belle and do not plan on it at this stage. I know this could be a post by itself, but I think the commonality of a penis makes this easier and,

Two, for those three straight guys who for whatever reason read this and like to comment, no, a Facebook friendship between two men in my life does not mean they get to see each other naked.

Well, at least not these two men.


  1. Oh guys, sorry, English is not my first language but I just realized I didn’t close with an lol or something. I meant that as a joke and am very proud of what you two have done and how you have grown.

    I hope you meant that with the clouds too.


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