From the Various Mailboxes -TMI Tuesday Edition

I get questions sometimes and have not been so great at answering them.  So, in an effort to be more forthright and in honor of TMI Tuesday, here is a sampling (with answers too).

Reeza asked on

Drew, what happened to you being in chastity too? Has Axel changed his mind? You used to write about it much more than you do now.

No, no, Axel is still pretty hellbent on it and I am glad about that. We are in a bit of a lull right now with it simply because of fit as I had to wait on the Prince Albert piercing to heal. After that, I had to be measured for a custom device because the piercing is large and won’t fit back into the Holy Trainer. Thumper, being the expert, did my measuring and ordering so it’s on it’s way, but being custom there is a price to pay in speed, so for the next 10-12 weeks I will be on the honor system.

And, for the record, the honor system sucks. I really miss the metal.
Jason The Dog emailed a very long note with several questions, so here are a few:

…you don’t seem to you be as bothered by the negative comments you have had lately. Do they not make you upset anymore?


You wrote about Thumper and Axel becoming friends on Facebook and I could not tell if you were bothered by it or not. I think you were but, I had to ask?

No, I was thrilled about it as it was one more thing that “made it okay”. They are a lot alike, which is funny because I am told the same about me and Belle when talking about who is hot and who is not, but I think they will be friends one day and I doubt it will be long. As mentioned previously this weekend, Thumper is now a common word out of Axel’s mouth and it’s always said in a positive way about something positive.

You and Thumper live in different places so how do you get together and how often because you always sound like you are together often.

Ever see those big metal objects in the sky? Yes, I am being an ass, but airplanes are usually how we get to see each other. One of the things that is a perk of having a crazy life like mine is that I collect frequent flier miles for a living and he and I both live in hub cities for the same airline, so I can often work out a long layover (pun intended here) or cash in a few miles as part of just regular life. To answer that, our aim is once a month in person and we schedule out as far in advance as we can hoping that life won’t get in the way, but we also understand that sometimes it’s just going to and we move things.

Aside from that, technology makes our life much easier.

Pete sent a message to recon:

How is Axel’s quest for his own boyfriend?

It’s still ongoing but I think going well. Axel is looking for something different than me and has a very different day to day life as far as the availability of technology, so it’s a bit slower. To sum it up, he wants someone who needs a Daddy type and, with that, the level of flakes tends to be higher. All I really know is he talks a lot about conversations with twenty something year old people named Zach, Ethan, Elijah, and Max.
EricXL9 asked on recon:

The switch part of you, is it at 50/50 always or do you sway from side to side?

I’m a swayer Eric. Swayer big time.

However, on the scale of 50/50, I may only go 20 points in either direction because I never turn one side or the other off, if that makes sense. My mind tends to work in dual ways all the time. For instance, and since it is TMI Tuesday, right now it’s been a very stimulating week and I have not been “stimulated” but as I type this, I know Axel is on his way home and I want to just meet him in the driveway naked, usher him into the garage with those things they use to guide planes in, and then climb up on top of his german sedan while he does bad things to me through the sunroof BUT I am also equally excited that I am going to see Thumper next week and have some new things to try with him and, if my mental plan works, the new will coincide with the moment I force myself into him making him growl in that way that makes time stop for a few minutes. It’s like continual multitasking.

Does that answer your question?

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  1. Wow. A lot. I appreciate the glimpse into how you and thumper work out your friendship and I can now picture you on Axels car and on thumper. I am curious what your new thing you have planned for him is. Hints?


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