The Mislabeling of the Bisexual Bunny

Two days after the weekend and I am still thinking about what I saw, how it felt, and the longer term impact it is going to have and I am planning several new posts about these things in the next few days.

However, before I do anything else, I need to issue a correction to the previous post where I mistakenly referred to Thumper as “straight”. It seems the bisexual bunny did not like being labeled the s-word and with this statement I fully retract calling him that.

Ironically, with him, I have been places where no real live straight man would have let me go and have seen things that I would not have seen on and in a real live straight man, so I should have known better. I know he’s bisexual, but in my mind he lives a very straight man life (after you factor out his jeans, his obsession with his hair, and, well, his fascination with penises) so I just made a generalization and will never call him “that” word again, unless, of course, he makes me mad.

Now, I made light of this, but this goes back to a post I wrote a few weeks ago about my own new understanding of bisexuality and all that it encompasses and I realized I, as much as I knew better, I just lumped him into one of the two main categories while ignoring the third one right there in the middle. I’m not sure if I technically discriminated, but I did err, and this has made me more aware and I will pay more attention to this as I move forward as should we all.

And while we are talking about understanding, I just want to point out the following tweet that Dan Savage just retreated.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 6.50.12 PM

Isn’t this just a great statement? I don’t think I need to go into why, but if you are a regular reader of both of our blogs, you know that he, the bisexual, and I, the non-bisexual, have both been accused of “cheating” on our spouses in doing this thing we do. So, here’s this whole new (to me) phrase – the non-monogamist. I love it. (btw, I know the I Stand With Holly thing is way larger than this quote and much more negative, but I still like the wording)

I think I will start signing my work emails from “Drew, the Non-Monogamist”

P.S. –

1. Thumper was not really upset about this. Much.

2. You should have seen the scene Axel made when I introduced him as my partner versus husband last weekend.  “You know I was the one holding your hand during those vows don’t you?”. Fucking labels.


  1. I really wasn’t upset. I suppose I should have been more militant and railed against you for “bisexual erasure” or whatever we’re calling it, but I was actually more interested than annoyed that that was how you instinctively referred to me. It’s not the first time, actually.

    Still. All is forgiven.

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    1. Yeah, I know, I have caught myself doing it often and I think part of it is that whole “I’m gonna get me a straight man” fantasy the gay boys have until we really do learn that our penises are not magic wands that can change orientations. I feel cool or something 🙂

      I KNEW you were not upset, but, I was at myself, thus the post.


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