What it’s like to have metal in your penis – introducing a continuing, interactive (sorta) thread

It’s been a serious blog season, so let’s lighten this up.

Now that I have had my Prince Albert for one month and twelve days, I feel that I am expert enough to start a light-hearted discussion about what it’s really like to have steel in one’s penis.

That said, I would like to invite anyone else who would like to add to this list to please do so in the comments (except you Thumper, add directly) and I will cut and paste your observations in the main text when possible.

What I have noticed:

  • A sudden fascination with my penis that I have not had since I learned to masturbate
  • Urination is now an event – not a bad event, just something I now think about
  • My dick just feels longer from the weight
  • I’m now immune to pulling my pants down in tattoo and piercing parlors
  • I feel more powerful somehow – hear me roar!
  • My balls get way more wet than they have ever been
  • I am still surprised by how little it hurt after the first 20 seconds despite the blood
  • I vibrate a bit when I walk
  • I touch my crotch more than I used to just to feel it.
  • The curved barbell was fun, but my giant 7/8” ring is better
  • I like to have the ring tugged on
  • I LOVE the look in the eyes of the person who has it in their special places (you know, those two guys and those two places)
  • I feel like my pre-cum volume has doubled and my shooting has tripled
  • I have not gotten the membership card the “club” promised me (Dutchman)
  • Ejaculation feels about 106 percent better than before
  • I have to unbuckle my belt at urinals. I don’t know why
  • I’m already shopping for custom rings (even though I will likely not see them)

As I said, if you have one or if one is regularly in you, feel free to comment with your own bullet points.

Finally, on a different note, Thumper and I want to lose weight and get even sexier – at least in our minds. We are thinking about a way to do this as a team against other kinkster friends and/or something along those lines. There will be more on this soon I am sure, but in the interim, any thoughts? ideas?

1 Comment

  1. um its freken awsome 🙂
    #1 you get to bling your ding
    #2 you get to accessorize to match your mood …(and undies)
    #3 feels amazing both strokin and doin it when the ring spins around.
    #4 a big ring can almost lock you in til you are done in a case of ample sized bottom and shorter top member
    #5 some will stand in awe of it, of you ,,,and the fact that you had the kahoonies to let someone puncture your most delicate part with a needle.
    #6 some others will twist and contort their face in the most amusing way while simultaneously grabbing their junk and screaming how big is that chunk of steel the real fun ones actually run away hehe.
    #7 that look on a very vanilla bf’s face when he has just goten used to taking off the ring or barbell for you as part of foreplay and a prince’s wand pops out. (yes i am a little evil, just a touch to)
    #8 leash possibilities and other photo opps
    #9 making *that* guy who says he never gags actually choke as it dangles around the back of his throat!
    #10 you stand back just a little from the urinal despite the risk of wayward spray just so the guy next to you who is trying to not look actually gets a good look.


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