Uncorking the Rancid Wine

Well, the update was that it’s now day 18 and it looks like we are going to go for longer as Axel has now stated that he wants me to go until I return from a trip to Australia which is on Valentine’s Day, ironically. Unfortunately, the International Day of Chastity is the 15th, so would coming the day before be hypocritical?

Anyway, to back up. Last night was great in so many ways and wrong in so many others.

As you know from yesterday’s blog, I told you that Axel had a plan for me when he got home and had mentioned that I might be allowed to come if I didn’t touch myself in the process. Well, the afternoon started really well and we were both in the mood, but he needed to work out first. For context and to explain our “dungeon”, we have both started a TRX workout plan because I can travel with it and he can adapt it to fit his needs better since, as you know, he had major surgery reconstructing his right hip following an injury three years ago. To help with this, I have taken the spare room upstairs and mounted steel hooks at various levels into the studs in the wall for the TRX only (wink, wink).

He often gets frustrated that he can’t work out the way he used to when he was an athlete and sometimes it just makes him mad. So, yesterday, he decided that he would take the permission I have given him to use me at will and decided that he’d attach me to those anchor points (pic below) and, if he needed a “punching bag” of sorts, I would be there. Well, he really didn’t need that but it turns out he really does like objectified company when he works out and spent most of the time talking at me about how he is enjoying the control of my penis, how he plans to really expand that and was thinking that a few more weeks would really enforce it, and how he had been talking to our friend Griffin, who is already a Master at many things, and how he had really been a good find for him and how much he was valuing his advice, some of which, he informed me would be things that he knew I’d not like, but deep down appreciate. From that, the really hot points was that he turned all of that into how these things would make me better for Thumper and how he was really getting off on the idea that he was training the trainer and how happy this was making him, much to his surprise. He did say that one of the reasons he was rethinking the orgasm demand with the bunny was that if I was be denied for him, he wanted to be the one to enjoy the big moment whenever that may be.

So, he had one of his best workouts in awhile and I found a very nice inner peace that I haven’t had in awhile. He went off to shower leaving me there to wait on him and what I was hoping was going to be the sticky, sweet, wonderful afternoon of pure, simple, and dirty, dirty sex. He came back about twenty minutes later to unhook me and lead me to the bedroom. O.M.G. it was going to be fun and great and then a minor event happened and it all stopped. There was no going back but there was also ZERO anger or blame. It was like having a great evening planned around a wonderful bottle of wine that, when uncorked, reveals that it had turned rancid without any way of knowing in advance but, once that damn was unplugged, life had been unleashed and we could not reign it back in time to save the erections.

That said, we dealt with the issue, went to Chilis for dinner and Sport’s Authority because I needed new running shoes (now that Thumper and I have vowed to be fit) and just went about life. During dinner, much to the fun of the people in the booth beside us over that fake wall, we discussed my chastity status, how much he is looking forward to the device arriving and setting up ground rules around that and then he informed me that, just so I knew, before I leave for Bunny Country he will be getting off and I will be taking it. So hot. So so hot. He now has this look in his eyes that I have never seen before and it makes me hard each time I see it.

And that is where we stand today. Suffice it to say today I will be cleaning more between projects and may try out those shoes too!



  1. Not sure if I’m late to the party finding out, but wow, Drew is hot. Not sure if, after all that chat about needing to get into shape, I’m more surprised by the sculpted ass, or the fact that you’re a…tatoo man. Either way, well done, well done.


  2. Ha, well, thank you but I think I was standing in a particularly good way 🙂 As for the tattoo, I have said I am a badass all the way now with the piercing :).

    Thank you!


  3. How does the change in orgasm expectation, as stated by Axel, impact Thumper? And how do you feel about it, in terms of how it impacts your relationship dynamics with Thumper?

    I ask because often, in multi-partner relationships, an unexpected mandate, if different than previously established acceptable/encouraged behaviors, can have a ripple effect. Not necessarily negative, but a ripple effect nonetheless. Especially if all parties aren’t involved in the decision-making process.


  4. As always, you make a very, very good point. I put this out here this morning thinking I would talk to Thumper about it and then we were not able to connect schedule wise so it’s just hanging.

    To bring it forward, Axel and I have actually talked about this since I wrote this because, just as you pointed out, this gave him a dynamic into Thumper and I or me and Thumper (I have never been able to get that right) and him staying out of it was one of our base rules from the very beginning.

    So, to sum it up, it’s resolved, but since I have not yet spoken to Thump about it I’m not going to put it here like I did earlier 🙂 Let’s just say all will be happy.

    (also, THANK YOU for the other comments – I will get to those)

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    1. “this gave him a dynamic into Thumper and I or me and Thumper”

      It’s ‘Thumper and me’.

      Hint: To figure out ‘me’ or ‘I’, take the other person out of the sentence: whichever still makes sense is correct.

      And the other person (nearly) always comes first, that’s just polite (see what I did there?).

      Source: a former English teacher :P.



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