Me and Thumper Naked

So Thumper wants to look better naked. I would be remiss if I didn’t immediately say that, honestly, he looks pretty damned good naked now, but I very much get where he is coming from and promise to no longer compliment him on that fact until our challenge is over.

Like he described in his post today, I am very much like him in that by genetics, I am really not that horrible naked. I have large, broad shoulders, a good back, thick arms, and really strong legs. Technically, I make sure that my chest is always multiple inches bigger than my waist and try hard to make sure it always stays that way. I come from a strong eastern european stock that with big heads and shoulders who, as a people, are strong and hardy but who are also always about one doughnut away from obesity at any minute.

That said, I look, in my opinion, much better clothed than naked and have never, ever enjoyed being shirtless or naked around my house or with anyone other than Axel, and now Thumper. Add to that fact that I am also glow in the dark white, another genetic bonus, and rather hairy, it just doesn’t add to a package that I have personally enjoyed, although I know that part is not going anywhere as I think I would catch fire in a tanning bed and the hair issue is just there to stay as I am too light and too cheap for lasers.

Although I was actually at a higher weight and in bigger pants, I was at my fittest about five years ago when I had a consistent schedule and went to the gym every single night with my best friend immediately upon leaving my previous office job. It was a pattern and it fit me well after a few months.

Now, the only consistency in my schedule is inconsistency and I find myself sinking into a sloth like place when I get back to my hotel at night. This is why I vowed earlier this year to show a naked picture of myself in June in an attempt to get myself motivated and disciplined in a way that nothing had before.

It worked. Big time. For all of about four days.

Then, I injured my right arm, which incidentally is my favorite arm. Somehow, I compressed the ulnar nerve that runs from my shoulder, across my elbow and down into my hand making my ring and pinky fingers and that side of my hand numb while also causing heavy pain in my forearm and tricep muscle. It has sidelined me hard the last few weeks and, while I kept thinking it would go away, it hasn’t and my neurologist has booked me to see a neurosurgeon later in the month when I am back in the US.

However, what I have learned this week is that I can work around it and even use my arm because, it’s really not any worse after doing some pull-ups as it was before and I actually think some of the weighted stretching I am doing with it is helping me, or at least causing a different kind of pain that is making me ignore the numbness and tingling.

So, no more excuses from me on this end.

Thumper outlined his plan and how we track it, which seems incredibly complex but really isn’t so bad, so, for those of you tracking us, I thought I would explain my weird entries. For me, I have decided to go with the TRX program which is essentially a series of heavy straps and clips which are designed for me to use my own body weight to do essential activities and exercises that replicate gym work. The models on the informercial who use it have these great bodies so I know that if I use it at least four times that will happen to me. I have faith.

Actually, it was recommended to me by my trainer and gives an incredible workout all in a package that I can fold up and put in my carryon bag as it attaches to the top of pretty much any hotel room door. This, combined with a better diet and cardio is how I plan to get there and, since it’s always with me, I really have no excuses.

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

On the cardio front, I HATE, despise, and loath cardio. Always have. I am not a runner but have always wanted to be, so I am hoping that Thumper is going to help me with that as times goes on. I do walk and try to go faster than anyone else so that helps, but it’s not going to get me to the naked picture place alone, so today’s reminder has been helpful.

Like Thumper, I am tracking this on my muggle side and my Drew side and I just pray that I don’t get the two confused (which is actually something I’d pray about if I prayed regarding ALL of my two worlds) so the journey continues.

So, stay tuned for June as now Thumper has agreed to post with me. I think.

P.S. – as an added bonus, Thumper and I have learned that we can lock him to the TRX straps when needed as well.  GRRRR and whimper.


      1. It’s a GREAT shirt.

        I am rather sentimental when I travel and always bring one or two pieces of clothing that Axel or Thumper have given me. It’s the connection home when I need it.

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