And now a word from a second class citizen

(Note: be warned – no sex, no chastity, just me on a soapbox today)

Did anyone see the Big Bang Theory where Howard comes back from space and nobody had time for him? Well, that described my arrival home from the other side of the world last night. I am not really complaining, I swear, but Axel was caught in a work thing that kept him out past my bedtime, my best friend who was giving me a ride from from the airport and taking me to dinner got sick reverting me to a cab, and then Stella, the dog, had decided to spend another night at grandma’s house leaving me coming home to a silent, empty space. Typically I am not one to ever complain about that, but after 11 days gone, I wanted excitement or at least a tail or two wagging.

Anyway, again, that wasn’t a complaint because when Axel got home he crawled in bed with me and I am not sure we slept for more than two hours the whole night. It was not coitus proper, mind you, but just general touching, feeling, holding, and all those other wonderful things one wants to do on a cold night when you have been missing your significant other.

While the these two paragraphs are really just an aside to possibly explain the rest of this post, I was inspired to write today mostly due to a post on a friend’s Facebook page about the State of Arkansas enacting, and passing, new legislation that prevents cities and towns within the state from designing laws to protect LGBT people from discrimination in housing, jobs, and businesses. PREVENTS PROTECTION. Fucking unbelievable.

Although I knew about it, something about reading it today made it feel like I had just been hit in the stomach by a lead pipe. There is nothing like having a group of people who have been elected to represent “the people”, refer to you as a second class citizen and make snide other comments about what you might do to their children, pets, or livestock. There are many days I can joke about it and pass it off, but today is just not one of them. In fact, it’s the kind of day I have to remind myself that there will be nothing solved by crawling under a rock and ignoring it either.

When you add in the turmoil in Alabama because two fashion challenged lesbians in bad hats got married all while the Chief Justice did everything in his power and through calling on powers he didn’t have to try to make it stop, it just gets worse.

In addition, my birthday is coming up and I got home to find my annual car insurance statement waiting for me, along with, of course, a bill. As I am reading it making sure I have enough insurance to pay for the day I snap and run over the person going too slow in the left lane, I notice the discount section and was pleased to see that I had a hefty number of checked boxes.

I am a good driver and I have multiple policies so I get a discount. I am over 40 and my risky days are deemed over so I get a discount. My truck has an alarm, BMW assist, and is kept in a garage so I get a discount.

However, I live in an urban zip code so no discount.

And, I am married, “but since the State of X does not recognize your marriage as legally binding, no discount for you”. (although I guess I should not complain because if I lived in Arkansas I suspect they could charge me extra because my penis gets erect around men)

Fuck them.

Actually, that’s rude and uncalled for because it’s not actually my insurance company’s fault as they are bound by the State Insurance Commission. And, although they could have wordsmithed it better, they really could not give me that discount if they wanted to. Of course, the lovely big boobed blond woman with the crazy long red fingernails at the desk once told me that it really didn’t matter since I was over 40 anyway, but it’s the point. (by the way, aren’t those nails just breeding ground for bacteria?)

So, today I am just whining and pointing out the hypocrisy in it all. The worst part is that the people no longer connect the dots. Ever.

Axel and I make a nice living and most likely pay more tax than many of the voters who elected these people. We pay school taxes, in excess, for schools that most of us non-procreators will ever step foot in or send a child to. We buy houses. We buy cars. We buy goods and services. We do all of these things for the state, but we don’t deserve any protection.

I could go on and on, but I won’t and felt that I just had to write this to ask you to watch the news. Watch what is happening in these Southern states and arm yourself with information to help those like me, you know, the six figured salaried tax payers who are the scorn of society, fight the good fight.

Fuck you State of Arkansas.

Fuck you Roy Moore.

Love, Drew


  1. @SteelChrmr Drew–I had to comment. Unfortunately I have seen friends treated like this for over 30 years. It disgusts me and frustrates me. Being a straight female I get questions on why I care about gay marriage or equal rights. Like it isn’t a human issue. The only solution is for all of us to continue to make noise. Tell politicians and narrow-minded individuals that it isn’t ok. There are more of us who are on your side than aren’t. We watch the news, pay taxes and vote. And we will continue to fight for what is right.

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  2. As an outsider, looking in, I am sometimes truly amazed at what goes on in the USA. I’m not saying the country I’m from is perfect, far from it, but man that mentality and attitude toward your fellow citizens, tax-paying human beings, just strikes me as soooooooo wrong! What is it with those people, how do they get elected to any type of office, be it municipal, state or federal?

    Unfortunately, you must make noise Drew, and as the above commenter noted, there are more people who are on your side than those that aren’t. They’re usually called the silent majority. Now I know why Thumper was so pissed sounding in his tweets over the last day or so. I had no idea what had gone on, when I read his tweets (which I see are a great new feature on his blog).

    Take care.


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