Fanfare with a heaping side of judgement

Another fan. Yes, Thumper and I can reel them in.

Earlier tonight I got a new response to today’s blog post about Arkansas and, while I initially approved it and let it sit on the blog, I reversed my decision because I didn’t want this fellow to have his full ten minutes of fame. Of course, I did forward it to Thumper and you may have already seen his tweets on the subject (that addressed everything but the one part that cut me).

First and foremost, the writer of the comment, Daryl from Vermont (of all places), promised me he’d never read me again, so I really hope that Thumper will retweet or repost this just to piss him off, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Also, to Daryl and any other person who may decide to write me one of these stupid comments in the future, I am going to address a few VERY general things one more time just for you slower people.

1. Being gay is not a choice and does not equate to second class citizenship.

2. Thumper was writing about gay things long before he met me. Go back. Read them yourself. I like to think I have enhanced his recent knowledge base, but I certainly didn’t make him bisexual. I promise.

3. Belle is the absolute love of his life – even if I had eight pack abs, a 12 inch penis, and reserved box seats to every Dodgers game in the future, I’d not impress him enough to even give me a second thought. We are good friends with a side of sex that we both hope enhances his life. Period.

4. Axel is the absolute love of my life – and, we are LEGALLY married in 37 states – Thumper has some amazing talents and adds a lot to my life as my friend, but he’s doing nothing but making my relationship with Axel better in so many ways. Period.

5. If you feel the gay agenda has “taken over” chastity pages, I have to question why you are reading blogs about penises in the first place.

Now, for just a few specific answers to your statements, mostly to just show the world what a tool you are versus you actually needing the answers…

I’m not saying you are a flamer either, but based on what I read I would think so.

Fuck off.

While I would own my flamboyance if I had any, I really don’t unless I see a snake or a really big spider. Most likely, I am a bigger guy than you and I am pretty strong, so just keep that in mind

Please tell Thumper that his readers don’t care about you and to stop bringing out the gay.

I can’t speak about whether his readers care about me or not, but I think the ones who matter think I am delightful.

While I have already addressed the “bringing out the gay”, ask him what happens to his viewer numbers when he posts about gay thing.

I’m avoiding his blog tomorrow because I halfway expect a big Valentine’s Day production from you at some point to him on it too. That is a holy day reserved for Belle. 

I don’t know Belle in person yet, but I think I know enough about her to know that she probably has enough confidence in life and in the love of her life that she doesn’t even give a nano-second’s thought about Valentine’s Day being a holy day reserved for just for her.

As for avoiding his blog tomorrow so you don’t see a “Valentine’s production” from me, three things.

  • One, thanks for ruining my surprise. I had planned to reassemble to original Broadway cast of RENT to sing him a song that addressed the five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes of a year and how having a part time boyfriend enhances each of those, but, thanks to you, I have cancelled it all and I lost my deposit.
  • Two, we have a tad of sentimentality to us because that is just who we both are, but we are not romantic in ANY form or fashion that would lend itself to such a stupid day.
  • Three, I would suggest you just make it a standard practice to avoid his blog every day, because I think you are going to continue to be seriously unhappy if you do.

I am fine with gay marriage, but choosing to be gay does not make you a special class citizen so if I hired you and you made my company look bad by who you are, then I need to be able to fire you, especially because my rights to ask if you are queer have been taken away during the interview.

I’m not even addressing this, but thought I would end the post with it because, well, I thought the world needed a chance to see what a dick you are.


  1. Great… now I have that song from RENT stuck in my head! lol

    I found Thumper’s first, which led me to yours. I’ve already told you that I love both of your blogs & look forward to every post.

    Daryl from Vermont… you’re an asshat!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Mine only started as a fluke based on one letter I wrote him and it all went from there. Thanks again and, remember, five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes IS the season of love.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Omg. What dont these fucktards get: being gay, lesbian, bi, transgender is as much a choice as being born male or female. However being a complete and utter c**t is a choice. Grrr. Drew, you and Thumper, Axel and Belle…are all frickin PERFECT. I LOVE BOTH BLOGS EQUALLY. every post. Keep doing what you do. I know whom i think the second class citizen in this scenario is and it aint you lovely man (hint:..he’s at the shallow end of the gene pool).

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  3. “Fine with gay marriage” even though he certainly wouldn’t HIRE one if he knew beforehand and being gay, well, you clearly must be a showtunes singing stereotype! Also, somehow you retroactively turned Thumper bisexual even before you met! … actually, can you teach me that one? I know some hot straight chicks…

    Critical thinking is not this guy’s forte, and the assertion that he’s the self-appointed speaker for Thumper’s readers is especially laughable, given the number of people that are still engaging with him and expressing delight that you guys have your awesome bros with benefits relationship.

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  4. I love when people say they are “fine with gay marriage BUT…”

    Hypocrisy is alive and well!

    Funny enough, it isn’t seasons of love that is now stuck in my head but Today 4 U.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours, Drew. People are twats.


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  5. “If you feel the gay agenda has “taken over” chastity pages, I have to question why you are reading blogs about penises in the first place.”

    Two things:

    I’m not gay, and I’m not really bi. I’m feeling a little left out with all these gays spreading the gay with the gay agenda all over the gay place. Are there some pills or something I could take to make me more gay?

    And you touched upon an amusingly ironic aspect of chastity devices: nowhere else, expect possibly gay porn, will you see more dick pics than when you develop an interest in chastity devices. Kinda makes you wonder about the guy, huh?

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    1. Tom, thanks for the comments. I think you are really right about the dick pics. It’s just funny, but I suspect the ones like my commenter think that since they are in a cage they are safe from real exposure!

      As for you feeling left out of the gay agenda, I apologize and I’ll try to sneak you some glitter pills out of the next gay mafia meeting! You take two at bedtime with a shot of a strawberry wine cooler and voila!


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