The Switchy-Brained Bath

Remember way back in the olden days of this blog, you know, four months ago, when I tried to explain that my tendencies to switch between Dom and sub modes was both a blessing and a curse? I likened this to my ability to multitask almost every facet of my life and used an example of having wonderful sex while also worrying about what I would be having for lunch the next day.  Well, tonight I think I have my best example yet.

You see, Axel was really, really happy that I took this afternoon to get out my new Dremel and modify my Holy Trainer V2 to have a much wider end opening to allow for my PA ring since it’s still about six weeks before  This turned out to be a very tedious task as I had to cut and polish it about seven different times in order to get the opening just perfect. When that was done, the fact that I have always been a bit too thick for the HT, now combined with the fact that my 4 gauge ring is based on my girth, creating a challenge that had me, and I wish I was kidding here, stringing a lightening cord through the ring trying to fish myself to the end while texting Thumper for advice. The end result was that I had to use my new big boy tools to take out the steel ring in order to get it inside the tube.

This process was fascinating in itself because I had never seen myself sans jewelry since getting another body hole nor had I pushed my own jewelry through it as piercers and Thumper had been the only ones to previously do so. I decided to go easy and just reinsert the 6 gauge curved barbell with the big beautiful ball and that was going really well until said big ball slipped and went right down the drain (Operation Retrieve Big Beautiful Ball will happen tomorrow if we have a snow day). Not being one to give up, I decided to put the ring back in which meant that the next 17 minutes would be a memory Axel and I will share of me in the bathroom contorting my penis and the Holy Trainer in a multitude of ways, while he and I each took a stab, unfortunately literally, twice, at using the new tools to either get the captive ball in or out without the ring slipping from one of the holes. Finally, I got frustrated, kicked him out so I could possibly injure myself without an accomplice and then managed to just get everything to slip into place, lock slid in, and all is well in the land of the temporarily locked.

So, back to tonight and my example. Axel was grateful and has also been concerned about my recent blah mood so while I was downstairs a’tweeting, he was upstairs running me a very hot, very lemony Bliss product filled bath complete with candles everywhere and came downstairs – naked – to get me.

He took me upstairs, undressed me in that sensual kind of way that really loses something when you are just wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt and then proceeded to put me in the tub and begin massaging me while thanking me for going to the trouble this afternoon, just for him.  Then, he said he wanted to take a few pictures, for the blog world, of course, and proceeded to step into the tub above me to take the shots he wanted.

It was hot. It was so sexy. He stood there with his nakedness swinging right there above me.

I. Was. Swooning.

And, just as the swoon swelled my switchy brain hit and I uttered those oh so sexy words…

“Did we get Applecare on that phone in case you drop it?”

Fuck. Me.

(luckily he knows me very very very well and was not phased in the slightest)

Oh, since you read this far, I might as well show you one of the products which will also hopefully motivate me to go to the gym more too.



  1. Baaaa-haaa-ha-ha-ha!

    Ermagheard. I know *exactly* that moment, when meets with oh-so-practical. Gah!

    Thank goodness for partners who can roll with it.

    Hope you had a faboo bath… And aftermath. 😉

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  2. I felt bad for giggling almost the entire time I was reading that until I saw Mrs Fever’s comment.

    And my ex could tell you that I’ve been known to blurt stuff at really inopportune moments, too. Sometimes you just can’t turn the brain off, no matter how hard you try!

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  3. Thanks for posting the photo, Drew. You look quite relaxed and toned already! Love the HT2 in black, looks great on you. I’ve been debating whether I should order one, as I’m sitting here locked in my CB6000s, with the key securely held by my keyholder.


  4. Motivate you to go to the gym more…? You already look pretty damn good! It might just serve to motivate others to get to the gym more in order to look more like that … Lol


  5. Haha I do that too!

    Ahhh nothing like some yummy Drew porn in the morning, thanks Axel for taking the pics and for sharing 🙂


  6. I do that too. My brain always runs at a million miles a minute.

    Also, might I add how awkward it was to be in class and opening my reader on wordpress, being a great student that I am, and your picture shows up enlarged across my laptop screen. Haha! Fortunately I am in the back row, so no one saw anything behind me and my table mate (AKA my school wife) was too busy actually listening to lecture and didn’t see it. That was my panic attack of the day.


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