Breaking News: Sex on Sunday Shoots a Seventeen Year Record

Welcome to Drew 2.0 – the one who promised to write about sex. I’ve never graphically written about my genitalia before, so let’s see how this goes.

This afternoon I was downstairs writing what will now be tomorrow’s blog post, when I heard Axel call me to come upstairs. I knew he was planning a TRX workout here this afternoon and I did find him the the spare room/office/dungeon/nursery/storage area where the TRX straps are hooked, but he was naked, hard, and had that “I’m going to so fucking fuck you” look in his eyes that I rather adore. He told me to strip and pointed to the floor where he had laid out the Mr. S Darlex Sleepsack and Hood – with the built in blindfold. After zipping and strapping me in properly, he told me that he was going to work out around me and then would be using me for his amusement when he finished. He had that look. Oh, that god damned hot look (just for a visual, he has an olive complexion, dark brown hair, and really pale brown eyes that can almost turn red at just the right moment).

He plugged his iPhone in to the dock set into the house speakers and proceeded to start working out for about 45 minutes like I was never there. He didn’t talk to me. Didn’t acknowledge me. I was just laying there (questioning, at times, why I loved this man based solely on his playlist of choice). It was rather hot.

Then the music stopped and before I realized it he was sitting on my chest and said, “I know your mind likes an agenda and THIS time I am going to give you one. So, for the record, we are going to talk about a few things which will be followed by me using you as a cum rag since you are limited in your abilities to please me (I still have 27 stitches in my mouth from a procedure earlier this week). I’m then going to leave you here while I shower with a punishment you are owed and then we will talk about whether you are going to come today.”

He knows me well and laying it out helped me relax because I am not a surprise guy. He then said things about the control he had, how he enjoyed it, and that he was going to set some further rules about the gym and how he wants me to workout – because he has that power. This reminder that I have no control during these moments is like catnip to me. Grrrrrr. While the conversation continued, he had unzipped the sack so that my chest was exposed and was playing with my nipples before, finally, ejaculating on my chest and neck.

Then, he zipped me back up, patted me really good on the chest which, well, you know, and stood up saying that he was going to go take a shower and that, since I was owed a punishment, he turned on Nickelback (I despise Nickelback as any non Canadian should) and left the room (for those safety minded folk, he could always see in).

It was a long shower and as I laid there with the smell and feel of him on me, it seemed like time had slowed down to a crawl. Finally, he came back, sat down on me and unzipped the bag so that only my cock was out before zipping everything back up. Then, he said, “so, this is how it is going to be. I will let you come today but ONLY if it’s by my hand (this is significant because in our 17 years together I have never been patient enough to let him stroke me to completion) which was huge in my brain. He said that I needed to concentrate to let him get me to that place and that if I couldn’t, then sorry for me, because I would be sent on my trip this week without being sated. My mind was racing. He then started stroking me which was like, well, nothing I can describe in such perfection only to stop suddenly.
At this point he stopped and said, “Oh, one more thing, you have Thumper and one of the things about you having a boyfriend is that I benefit because you have the chance to get better at a few things – both in giving and receiving.” This caused my sub mind toSWOON. He then continued with, “So,next week when you are with him, I want you to” – this is where he began to list a few things that he thinks I need to be taught how to do to please him and he thinks a bisexual tongue will show me exactly what he means and/or a few things I need to get better at by practicing on my/with my boyfriend, the afternoon object. I am being vague about these things because he asked that I not be specific and that I only reveal these to Thumper, although he would be free to write about anything after the fact.

So, as this continued, he began stroking me and basically putting pressure on me to come, because if I didn’t it would be my loss. That did NOTHING for me, and I think he sensed that but I didn’t say anything.

Then he switched as started focusing his hands on the PA telling me that it was his, and how it’s only there because he wanted it, and what did that make me but more and more his, etc. My mind did double takes.

This continued until his words and his rhythm started matching and I exploded in a way that I have never felt before, partly to the PA and mostly due to the fact my hands were still locked in the bag. Magic.

He told me he was proud of me and that I should focus on that for the next little bit while he left me in the bag to stew a bit.



  1. 1) That whole ”use you like a cum rag’ thing? Hawt.

    2) “I’m going to so fucking fuck you.” Um. Hilarious. (Hawt, and abundantly clear. But still. Hilarious. 😛 )

    And great job on the descriptions – no “man meat” or “love muscle” or “manhood” to be found. Bravo! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Drew, how long were you kept strapped up and bound in the sleepsack? Bondage enthusiasts like myself love these tidbits of info tremendously. Also I’m guessing part of your punishment was to have Axel’s seed smeared all over your chest and neck after he zipped you back up, since we know how much you hate body fluids once they are expelled. Hope you will spend lots of time sleepsacked in future.


  3. Awesome! I share your aversion to being covered in sticky stuff …in most situations… you may find (as i did for some situations) that this may lessen it for some situations/individuals in time. …or maybe not keep us posted on that ‘-)


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