Freedom in Conversation – Drew had Dinner.

Tonight I met a great guy, which I say for many reasons, one of which is that he was one of my first followers of this blog and provides me almost daily twitter fun. I did not ask for his permission to write about him, so he is more than welcome to comment and remove his mask of anonymity, but meeting him was really a joy in a multitude of ways.

One, I met someone who knew the most intimate parts of me prior to actually knowing my last name (which I am not sure I really shared although I was wearing a very giant security card with my name on it to open the doors at the client site I am at this week) (oh, thanks for not reminding me it was there!) Our friendship and ease of banter was almost instant because I think the ice was broken long ago when he read Thumper write about my thick fingers inside his hot ass or through some other similar activity.

Two, I got to mix my worlds a bit, in a safe place, and I felt so at home showing him pictures of Axel, who he described in a way that was very flattering but in words about his face I can’t remember but loved. It was such a refreshing feeling to be as close to one hundred percent open as I can without having violated the many non-disclosures I work under daily professionally.

Three, it was just fun and he has a great view of things and told me things, or ways, Thumper and I have connected in his mind that surprised me while also making me proud. It made me feel good about the days I write and think to myself “this is stupid, why would anyone read it”

Four, I got to show off Thumper, just a bit (and I have his permission), but he’s a hot, smart, man and to be able to say “that ass is sometimes mine cause he’s my DILF slut” is just fun and makes me prideful, although the two men at the table next to us bristled a bit.

Five, and finally, I just like knowing that there are really good people in the world and it’s always nice to meet them.

I travel here a lot and hope we will share many a future meal.


  1. You’re too kind, my friend! I’m glad I made such a good first impression. I had great fun spending time with Drew, and look forward to this being the first of many visits, if we have our way. It’s always an adventure to meet someone you read on the internet, and begin getting to know them here on earth. This particular adventure is off to a rousing start!

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  2. It’s no surprise you attract kind, intelligent people. Your blog shines with authenticity and thoughtfulness, both characteristics you certainly value highly enough to wear publicly regardless of opinion.


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