All Hail to the Prince Albert

Thumper just dropped me off at the airport after two days of really good, easy, relaxed fun. On the ride, I told him that I absolutely loved my Prince Albert as it’s been almost three months since it was installed. He suggested I write a quick post about that since it seems so many guys want one, but are afraid or worried.

Frankly, before I got mine I was terrified of it. I wanted it, but didn’t move quickly toward it at all. Luckily, my husband wanted it for me more and after I met Thumper and heard the virtues of his, I gave in to Axel which, in hindsight, really marked the first step in my submission to him. The irony here is that Thumper’s PA sold me, even though I have never actually seen it for myself. I’ve been close and have even said hello though the hole of the steelheart, but, it’s not mine to play with, so I will likely never see it (btw, I find that so incredibly hot).

For mine, after three months, it’s now just a part of me. Yes, urination has changed, but it’s not bad. Right now I have a curved barbell in with a large stainless steel ball on the head and, though I love it, I kinda miss the captive ball ring too. As you may have read, Thumper and I broke in the barbell thoroughly during the last 48 hours. In fact, as odd or as wonderful as this may be to say, I let myself go to almost a primal place that I have never been with Axel, but certainly plan to as soon as I am home from the trip I am leaving on now.

I assume that it’s the additional nerve endings that have been exposed by the PA itself, or perhaps it’s the weight of the jewelry, but I have never, ever experienced sex like I have since I got mine. The sensations are amazing and, as I have said before, an orgasm feels about 200 percent better than it ever did before. I am not sure if it’s the ability for the penis to release more fluid, or that the fluid flows over and around a steel bar, but, fuck, does it feel nice and, in a way, much more complete than any orgasm I had experienced prior.

What I have not talked about, is the events that lead up to the orgasm.

Oral sex is just incredible now. Thumper’s mouth felt amazing, like a mixture of hot and cold at the same time. Feeling his tongue roll over, play with, and move the balls of the jewelry sent little mini orgasmic chills into my spine, each and every time. Plus, there’s the sound. I know that sounds strange, but with the additional fluids and the additional hole, there is a new sound that emerges that is just like a melody of squeaks or clicks or something similar. I can’t accurately describe it, but I suspect it’s what a penis would sound like if it could actually sing. Plus, when the PA occasionally would hit or brush a tooth, there is a clicking sound, like bamboo wind chimes, that would vibrate to my core. Absolutely amazing.

Anal sex, frankly, is not something I have ever enjoyed a great deal, but the PA is rapidly changing that. Today as I fucked Thumper, I could feel the jewelry move inside him, guiding the path so to speak. It was an intense pleasurable feeling as I could feel the muscles of his ass push it up, down, and back and forth within my penis. That intensity, frankly, gave me a new level of confidence in the act I have never had before and resulted in a later orgasm unlike any I have had in my life (and in a way I never have- fyi). On the flip side, Thumper told me that he could feel both steel balls on their path and that he would try to grip to them in anticipation. That, was an incredible feeling.

In masturbation, the PA has changed my grip and my pattern, but that switch has led to a new path of self pleasure I didn’t know I had. Now, I am not currently allowed to go down that path, but when I am, the tender area between the hole is an erotic zone like no other. To touch that place, while erect, is just a feeling of intensity that I can only now appreciate. I had worried this would go away with the final healing, but it has not and, honestly, has only gotten better making me very happy about the road ahead (even though it will be steel encased).

In day to day life, as I have said, I love the fact that it’s in my pants and that it represents Axel. The weight is great and gives me a bit of added length I didn’t realize I really needed.

Also, I just love the way it looks.

So, in summary, for anyone who is on the fence with this, feel free to reach out and ask. As I have said, I have zero regrets now and look forward to this just being more and more a part of me as I go down the path.

Thumper, care to elaborate now on the other side of it since you have experienced the giving and receiving with one?

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