Birthdays, Mom and Thumper, and Swooning Sunday Sex

I am home. I got an earlier flight (5am early) which got me home late morning with enough time to spend the afternoon with Axel. Boy howdy did we have a good afternoon, but we will talk about that in just a few minutes.

In retrospect, the last week was a great week for me with Axel, Thumper, work and in a few other areas of life. It was my birthday too. I actually really enjoy my birthday as I always take the chance to celebrate getting older and the lessons I have learned that year. I love the extra year of knowledge gained and do my best to make sure I mark it somehow.

This year’s birthday was a bit different and a tad tough because it was the first time in my life that my Mother did not remember my day, which is especially odd given that my father’s birthday is the same day as mine (as a funny aside, Axel and my mother have the same birthday too). I waited for a call all day and when it didn’t come, I called and realized that while the recollection of where I was and what I was doing this week was crystal clear, that the day was just not there. I did not mention it and she realized this the next day, thinking that was the day, so Dad and I just went with it as she would have been much harder on herself that necessary. It was not the fact that she didn’t remember the day that bothered me, but more of what it means in the broader scope.

But, all that said to say that tonight the four of us went to dinner and when Axel stepped away to the facilities and while my father was distracted by a pretty waitress, my mother leaned over and asked, “did you have a good time with your friend?” which took me back a bit. I looked at her and just smiled and said, “yes ma’am, I sure did”. She smiled back and gave me a look that acted like a secret handshake of sorts. The look just spoke something akin to “we have had 45 years of secret mischief together” and then went happily back to her sangria and it was not discussed again. I know she knows. I just feel it. She would like Thumper a great deal and, I suspect, he’d fall in love with her immediately. Although she and I will likely never discuss it nor will she and Thumper likely ever meet, it still just makes me happy so I will continue to bait the water when I can to make sure I will get that same look at 46.

Along those lines, remember me saying how I was going to take some of the sex experiences I had this week back to Axel? Well, fuck me did I do that. Fuck him is actually more like it. I have had a new confidence all week and he could see it in my eyes. I took that man today and took him hard. In fact, for only the second time in my life was I able to complete my orgasm in a method I have always dreamed of and, just as an FYI for the two plus two of the week, it was the second time in five days. Confidence was indeed boosted.

The sex was great, but in our new open marriage, we either broke a rule or added an element – I am still not sure. I say this because I never, ever expected to discuss the sex I had with my boyfriend while my husband was sitting on my penis.

He asked. I told.

He sat down harder. I told more.

He said he was so very happy.

I swooned with veracity.

He sat down even harder.

I twisted with accuracy.

He said he was proud of me.

I thrusted with dexterity.

He said he loved me.

I kissed him with virtuosity.

He said he owned me.

I ejaculated with mastery.

I was exhausted but my job was to make sure he was taken care of, so, as I channeled the bisexual bunny tongue I pleasured that man mightily. Might-i-ly.

This was a big move for me as I have always been done after orgasm, but in those few moments, I realized that even though I was allowed to come, it truly was no longer all about me and I had a job to do.

Oh, if only real work was as fun.


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