Running Away – The Morning Edict

I am working from home today, so this morning Axel woke me up on his way out for the day and said that he has been very happy with how my workouts have been progressing (he tracks the app that I use) but that he’s disappointed that my cardio has not increased to the level where it needs to be in order for me to get cut in the way he wants me by summer (I loved that line, btw). He also made it clear that this is in addition to my weights and TRX each week.

With that, he told me I would have an email waiting that laid out the duration and distance that I am expected to increase my walking into running to have me up to a 7K level within a couple of months.  This is not out of the blue as it’s something else I have done in the past and something he very much enjoyed prior to his injury. I’d like to tell you I stopped out of respect for him to honor the fact he likely won’t run like he used to again, but, I’m not that noble and have just been flat lazy.

Finally, he said my email also contained a Zappos gift card, paid for out my account, and I was to order the fancy shoes that Thumper talks about on Facebook this morning because “he’s not led me wrong yet”.

Shoes ordered (I got red). Gym time scheduled today (it’s raining hard here) and, for the #fwocrew, more points for me!

I’m running away now. More later.


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