What’s in a name?

Over the last five or six months, I think Thumper and I have shared enough information that allows full agreement that there is a great deal more to our friendship than just the fact that our private parts fit together nicely. In fact, when we were really getting to know each other it was almost spooky at times when we would order the same specific drink, have weird historical things in common, and then even realize that my four digit code I use for almost everything in my life was the same one he used for many things in his, plus it’s a significant date for him.

Now, as the months have passed, we either no longer discover things like that or maybe we just don’t pay attention. We certainly have more similarities that are forced as either I have bought him something I like or he has bought me something he likes, etc but that just comes with the boyfriend side of things. But, the freakiest of them all is that Axel is now in on the game.

Some of you may remember this, but a few months back Axel and an old acquaintance got back in touch and have started that text flirt talk type of conversation about possibly exploring a sexual encounter or two together when they can arrange to see each other. I think this is wonderful.

This potential beau is handsome. Professional. Married. Kind. He is the exact type of guy I would pick out for Axel if I was charged with doing that except for one single thing which I am trying not to hold against him, his name.

Yes, I mentioned this a long while back before it got serious, but his muggle name is the exact first and last name as Thumper’s muggle name. Also, they have the same birthday and year (well, two days off, but close enough to say that – MY Thumper is the younger one). I find it more interesting, weird, and rather amusing, but Thumper is not happy about it in the least which I discovered when I was joking with him about what would be appropriate to call this fellow within the blog, Fake Thumper, Thumper II, Southern Thumper (he lives in South Georgia). So, Original Thumper and I decided that I would just tell this story and then, should the relationship actually evolve, he will become something like Herbert, Frank, or Walter – you know, the slightly less sexy names.

Where this story goes now is this fellow friend requested me on Facebook Sunday night which I thought was all kinds of nice. He wanted to show me he was a real person and give me a glimpse into his life just so I would know that, should this move forward, he would take care of Axel and had just as much on the line as we did. It was very similar to Original Thumper doing that with Axel, although technically we had been down the intimate path a few more times at that point and his blog had already been all of the reassurance Axel had needed. I doubted I would ever even talk to this new beau but it was nice that he was there.

However, that not talking to him lasted all of about 12 hours when, during a particularly exciting moment, I decided to message Thumper to tell him about it without paying enough attention to WHICH  _______ _________ I was messaging. Oy. The embarrassment.

It wasn’t awful and certainly easy to explain, but now I must pay more attention to this fact, especially since Facebook synchs with the contacts in my phone! And, while I have actually always had a special symbol on Thumper’s card just because sometimes I like to send him dirty, filthy, nasty – yet wonderful things, I will not make sure that one blinks.

Just a story to tell a story. For Axel’s sake, I REALLY hope this works. In some ways it’s rather cute that we would each have a boyfriend named _______ _______, but, I can already just see us acting like Marcia and Jan with “are you talking about MY ___ or YOUR _____?” over dinner with the family.

Oh well. What can you do?

I think I am just going to blame Obama for this and move on.


  1. My hubby and my S.O. have the same first name. I list them in my contacts under different names, nicknames. I don’t do facebook so I don’t know if that makes a difference, but it has prevented me from saying the wrong thing to the wrong __________ via text or email for two years. 🙂


    1. I always get so happy when I see a reply is from you! – FYI

      Facebook doesn’t let you edit so it is what it is. However, there is a picture next to them so it is my own fault for going fast!

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