I kissed a girl

Big news in the land of blog, Drew met Ferns last weekend.

While I have been tempted to not write about it, it was too much fun not to do so and enough people have asked me “what’s she like?” For those, you won’t be very happy with this as I am not giving away any sordid details aside from what you already know.

Anyway, I am in Australia for work and she and I arranged that I would fly up to her home city where she would meet me at the airport and take me to lunch. Looking back, I did not plan nearly enough time, but since this was our first visit together we each thought about five hours was enough to either get through if we did not click or explore our friendship if we did. Guess what, we did click!

When my plane arrived she texted me and said she would be outside the gate which, in my language, meant I would see her after a long walk through an airport corridor where I would have have time to stop, shine my head and check my teeth before meeting her. So, as I walked out of the gate doors I see this stunningly beautiful blond woman standing there in like 11” heels and think, “wow, she looks like Ferns. I hope” and then continue to walk my merry way until I hear this lovely “so, are you just going to walk past me??”

I. Was. Mortified.

Turns out, Australia is like America was before September 11, 2011, and if you are flying or meeting someone from a domestic flight, you don’t have to have a boarding pass to get through security. Hell, you don’t even have to have ID to get past security, which is a troubling fact I will process later, but for now, that meant I had just rudely walked by a woman known for her whip yielding capabilities. As it turns out, she wasn’t 100 percent sure I was me either, so I was off the hook. In hindsight, I should have been wearing a “I’m with Thumper” shirt while holding my penis with my one muscular arm whilst the Prince Albert dangled as she surely would have known me then since those are about 99 percent of the pictures I have placed online.

I turned around and gave her a huge hug and we immediately began laughing at each other and with each other which, in my mind, signaled the start of a beautiful day and most likely a beautiful friendship.

To keep this from being a diary entry, I will skip to the meat of the story, well, there was no meat since she forgot to feed me, but we went back to her house, sat outside in the tropical breeze while looking at the sea and we talked, we laughed, we gossiped about all of you reading this, talked some more and quickly polished off a really good big bottle of champagne. From there, we decided to take a lovely stroll on the beach to a surf club where more alcohol was served until it was time to get a taxi to take her home and me back to the airport. In all of this, we forgot food which, if you know me, you know that is a very rare thing!!

Now, a few days later I am still thinking about that day and smiling in my head. It’s funny because I had wondered if Thumper, being our joint connection at least at first, would be the primary topic of our day together and he wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, he came up a lot and I showed her all kinds of pictures of him including the approved ones from Facebook and lots of embarrassing ones he would most likely have said no to, but, he was off on holiday and there was simply no way I could have gotten his approval where he was, so I made an executive decision to show him off – I think it’s actually a boyfriend’s right, don’t you? In fairness, I showed off a lot of Axel too. Just not the naked ones.

Ferns made me proud to be me that day and 48 hours later I continue with that feeling.

By that, I mean that you have all watched me embrace my kink side more and more with each blog post, and I have told you how much Thumper has helped me, but spending time with her, a real live sexy Domme, and just having talks about our aging parents, stupid people on the internet, and her sexy Texan and my sexy husband and boyfriend, just made me feel, well, absolutely normal. If I had a way of showing my 20 year old self that this day was going to occur and that life would be just as lovely as it is, I would so do that for about 1,000 reasons. She is just an amazing lady and she made me feel absolutely lovely, all day long.

Now, on the purely superficial side of things, I have to admit feeling a bit alpha male too, not toward her, of course, because she simply would never allow that, but I could not help but think how many people on the Twitter and WordPress would want to be me at that moment. So, for them, I am currently making a very evil grin in that “ha ha” type way. It’s funny, I still feel like that related to the internet with Thumper and always feel like that in a different way with Axel, so I think this is just another way of life telling me that I am doing okay in this world and that I should value these special moments when I get them.

Speaking of which, Axel is coming with me here two trips from now and we are going to see what we can do to get back up there and do this all again and since he is a licensed therapist, we can really dig deep.

So, to wrap this up, Ferns, thank you for such a nice day. You are as beautiful as you are kind and I am very proud to now, officially, call you my real life friend.

Oh, one more thing internet world, she kissed me and man was it nice. Of course, a double gold star gay would never tell such sordid details about a woman so just use your imagination.

(yes, Thumper, since you are my boyfriend and all, I will give you details. Most of them, at least)


  1. *smile* That was such a lovely telling. You are very sweet to me, plus it made me laugh.

    Thank you so much for your charming company, Drew. I hate meeting people, but it was an absolute treat and a privilege to spend that time with you, and I really appreciate you making the trip just to not have lunch with me :P.

    I should write about it as well, you know, to spill all the sekrit bzns…

    Also your hugs are the best *warm hug*.


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  2. Damn Lucky Bastard! I say we all beat him up internet style…take this %%%%% and a left hook here ********* lol I can imagine she is an amazing woman in person..because she is truly an amazing friend any other time


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  3. That was wonderful! I’m glad that it went so well for the both of you.

    I could not help but think how many people on the Twitter and WordPress would want to be me at that moment.

    That goes without saying! I have often wondered what it would be like to meet the lovely Ferns, in person, but alas, my job won’t sent me to Australia, and I’d have to perpetrate a crime of some sort to procure the money to get there on my own.

    I guess I’ll just have to enjoy vicariously through posts like yours.


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