Ultimately this is going to be a post about the PA and one of the new benefits I have found from it which is increased velocity of ejaculation, but let’s get some of the life things out of the way first.

So, it’s just a tad more than 48 hours since I got home from the big adventure and I write this from another airport heading out for another week of fun. Today I am going to the little Canadian place I went to a lot last Fall where tomorrow I am giving one of those make or break your career type presentations that I THOUGHT was 45 minutes to an hour; however they were thinking that I would want to “expand” and have now booked me for four hours. Four fucking hours. Fuck. I will sort this out on the plane.

Also, as I told you last week, Axel and I had worked out a lot of new ground rules regarding our D/s part of the relationship, and we did talk about them, but I am not sure that I am ever going to learn that life just does not get out of the way when I am particularly horny. He was still recovering from the flu and I was jet lagged and still broken in the spinal area, so it just wasn’t much. However, it did start out nice as I was full of energy from the trip and after he picked me up and we went home, he walked Stella and I jumped in the shower to wash 33 hours of travel funk off on me so I could surprise him and meet him downstairs naked by the door when he got home. This was fun and less of a sexual adventure than just a fun thing, but that life thing happened again because I was hungry and it was nearly 11pm. We cuddled and went to sleep quickly both un-sated which, for me was about two and a half weeks and for him, who knows. That cuddling worked and about 2 am, which was sometime next week in my body time, I woke up and, well, to be quite blunt and to blow my own horn, literally, I gave that man a surprise round of oral sex that was better than anything I believe I have ever done in my life. In fact, in the middle he said “remind me to text Thumper to say thank you for obviously showing you how to x and x”, which, in another mind might have made me think “WTF, I was doing it wrong?”, but in this case just made me proud that I was doing it right, that my boyfriend had taught me that, and even hornier because I remembered my boyfriend doing that and looked forward to the next time.

He would not let me come thinking that Saturday would be the grand day; however, the jet lag and back fun hit me – somehow my pre injured spine did s not like 30+ hours on 3 airplanes, and we were just lazy the entire day. We went to dinner with the best intentions of the night being “the night”, but, well, let’s just say someone fell asleep. I won’t tell you who.

Sunday followed along the same pattern although I was in the pre-trip organization mode and was preoccupied by that, opening day baseball, and by the stupid Easter things I had to do which took the place of the shopping things I needed to do. Ugh.

Fast forward to almost 11 last night and, as we were laying in bed, me very comfortable, he said “jack off for me now”. Well, he didn’t have to beg me and, as I have told you, he always likes that from me, so I obliged. It didn’t take forever as it sometimes does and when I came, boy did it happen.

So, all of that to ask other steel laden guys with holes in your penises, did your velocity increase following? I have never ever been what one might call a “shooter”; however, since the PA I have noticed that change gradually a bit more each time. Last night, it was high with a nice arch to it that caused me to have to do some cleaning of the freshly painted walls. As that was a new thing for me, that was the first time I didn’t think twice about doing some tidying up around midnight, even when I did have to be up at 3:30.

Happy week.


  1. No PAs here but I was just wondering if this is the PA or the denial, now that Axel has full control over that? Were you practicing denial before the PA too?


  2. The wall, eh? I’m jealous! I’ve got a PA but I must admit that I’ve noticed the opposite effect if anything. My shooting distance has not improved and sometimes I think it’s less than it used to be. Might have something to do with jewelry size in relation to urethral size and general differences in anatomy. I have no idea what I’m talking about so I’ll stop now, other than to say say that I’m a long time listener, first time caller. Love the blog. Keep it up!


    1. Ha. Thanks. Yeah the wall was a lifetime first and, now that I think about it, the jewelry and the compression it can make might just be the thing. Kinda like a finger on the tip of a water hose πŸ™‚

      Thanks for finally saying hi. Please do so again!


  3. “…in the middle he said ‘remind me to text Thumper to say thank you for obviously showing you how to x and x'”

    I find that funny since I never thought of my head-giving skills as all that great. Though I do admit to enjoying it more now than I did when I was in my twenties…

    Yeah, I find the PA does the opposite, too. In fact, in those very rare times I get to come outside of Belle, I find most of the goo comes out the PA hole and doesn’t shoot at all. You’re just weird, I guess.


    1. Well, we have established weird in various other ways, so it can apply. As for the skills, I think the fact that your tongue is now named speaks for itself.


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