Thumper just dropped me off at the airport for what is going to be a difficult trip home (changed flight, bad connection, bad seats. yada yada yada) BUT I feel like I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you.

To whom, I am not really sure, but I feel like I owe the universe a big thank you in addition to those that really count like Axel, Belle, and, of course, Thumper.

I had no idea when I emerged on my kink journey years ago – when I first admitted this to Axel – that I would wind up here, in this place where I feel incredibly supported, happy, sated, and lucky in many ways.

Thumper and I had our typical day and a half visit, which, in the reality of how things have to work due scheduling around his life and mine, generally equals two meals together (this time lunch and lunch) and about seven or so hours of general time with each other, most of which, shockingly, is not spent having sex – though one day with any luck we might figure out how to do that continuously. 

Regarding the sex, in my opinion it keeps getting better, but I will leave it up to him to write about should anyone care to hear the sticky details. And, don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for the sex, but I’m equally as thankful to the universe for the other chunk of time we spend not having it. I really never thought I’d be able to find someone who I can do all the nasty stuff with who I also really admire and want to spend time with who would also be part of my muggle life too. I know I’ve said this before, but it frankly still just blows my mind at times. 

That’s where the thankfulness outside of Belle and Axel comes in because I think the world did he and I a favor in the pairing of things because there is no longer a question of whether friendship will be part of our relationship. It’s just there and growing and I’m proud to call him part of my inner circle, even though he’s an ass sometimes as well (one day there will be a “behind the blog” on E about him so I’m saving those stories). 

Finally, all of these things are really directed at one new person who reached out to me this week who I think is very much like me, but who has a husband very unlike Axel. He’s scared to admit his feelings to his husband and does not see any way possible that there will be a way that all will be well. To him, I don’t know your story well, but I can promise you that I used to think that about Axel and would also bet that Thumper felt the same way about Belle. Obviously I can’t promise the same as your results may vary, but, I sincerely hope that, should you ever do it, that you wind up as lucky as me and the rabbit.

Home for 24 hours then on the road again. The steelheart has arrived too, but more on that soon, though Thumper has the pictures.

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