Distance makes the dick grow harder.

It’s 4:45am and I am sitting in an airport in Texas waiting to catch the first of two flights that will have me home by noon, although I am so tempted to walk up to the gate next to me that goes directly to Thumper’s city because that rabbit really left me wanting more last week when we were together. In many ways, I think the fact I just can’t is a good thing because if we did live in the same city, it would be “too easy” and “too easy” generally equals trouble in some form or fashion which neither of us need. Plus, we already know that both of our spouses like the distance and, maybe more importantly in the long run, neither of us are the type of people who have the personalities or the jobs where we can shut down without planning, so we would be forcing (I use that word laughingly) each other into 20 minute fuck sessions between airport runs, trips to Target, and the like. The distance makes us both have to block a day and a half out of our calendars weeks in advance and, although life inevitably creeps into those days at times, it’s nice to have the time we set aside for each other dedicated to bonding (literally and figuratively) and just pure, driven, energetic sex – with a side of pad thai, tacos, baseball and, of course, friendship.

Now, I KNOW those things to be true and believe them deeply within myself, but, again, I am literally steps away from a plane that would take me there to fuck him by 9:30am and, practicalities aside such as it would be very expensive and I am not sure he’s even open this morning (pun semi intended), it’s taking everything I have to not walk over there and pull out my American Express. It’s driving me nuts, BUT, I like this feeling and it just makes me look forward to our next time together in a bit over three weeks. FUCKING HELL I WANT TO GO THOUGH.

Some of this is that yesterday I had a huge day, Not huge in terms of busy or anything bad, but I had one of those presentations, a sales type of one, that literally could make my entire year should things go well. It was three hours long and involved a lot of pandering and I was accompanied by a senior member of my staff who is as intense as Thumper is horny, so it was just a long day that I dreaded. Thumper, did his part by providing me some videos and a few pictures to “boost my energy” and they were lovely distractions to get me through what turned out to be an okay, kinda meh, kinda maybe day. I can’t say I rocked it but I certainly didn’t do badly either. For that lack of clarity, I blame the audience, because I was presenting to 18 people who all needed to be there, but 18 people who didn’t know how to mute their iPhone’s incoming mail ding or discretely send an email without the “whoosh” sound that accompanies it. That’s just rude and really angered me, plus, I am addicted to my phone just enough that I sorta salivated every time I heard one of those sounds.

From Thumper’s account of our time together last week, I think it’s clear it was a good connection and was just fucking hot. I have thought about writing my side of what I was thinking against his, but I think I like the one side just out there because it’s a different side of me that is not typically seen and I like the fact that I am the man that can use his hands and other body parts to “transport” him out of his day to day world to that place where his eyes roll back in his head and his inner bunny starts growling. He commented on a comment that said “you should have seen my face” and I can promise you, if there was any way I could have taken a picture of that face, just for him to see and me to use as a screensaver, I would have. It’s a good, happy, sated, glowing face, folks, and one that I hope to see many times again.

Speaking of the comments, that particular post, for whatever reason, got a multitude of more personal questions about life, friendship and love and I found that fascinating and refreshing, as these tend to be the ones that get the “you cheaters are going to hell comments”. I am not going to write much about them because I know that Thumper is planning to respond to them, so I don’t want to steal his thunder.

Also, as an FYI, I plan to write more about getting the Steelheart, but to be honest I have not been in it much as the type of presentation I had to do yesterday meant that I didn’t need to be focusing on getting used to steel swinging between my legs. Plus, Axel and I have to work out some ground rules and a few recent events with his world, nothing bad for us personally, have just kept him distracted.

But, back to Thumper and my desire to be on and in him this morning…

<happy sigh>

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  1. I feel the distance would help the spouses feel more comfortable…giving me food for thought.
    Thanks, feel a conversation coming on in my real life..maybe…

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