Did you pack the good lube?

Axel says he likes it when I have sex with Thumper.

That’s honestly something I never thought I would hear my husband say. Ever. But it’s also something that makes me infinitely happy as well.

There are about 7,004 reasons as to how this came up in conversation, but to go backwards a bit, Axel and I are coming out of our funk and I have found myself locked in the Steelheart a bit more and am now traveling (later this afternoon for the whole week) with some guidelines as to his expectations. More on that later in the week, I guess, but to go back to the original story, last night he just came out and said that he has realized that he really gets turned on by knowing, what limited parts he chooses to know, about my relationship on the side. It’s funny, because in some ways it seems like reverse cuckholding, but as he has gotten to know Thumper more as the man, Dad, and business guru he is versus just the internet legend he was to him, he says that “he finds power in knowing that his husband, who he has power over, has power over this man who he really respects”.


In some ways, it’s rather cute.

This morning as I packed for the week, a trip that includes a day and a half visit with the rabbit, Axel was all about making sure I was groomed properly. He insisted he shave my head to “be freshly shorn”, checked my body hair to make sure I wasn’t grizzly, and even went so far as to make sure I packed the good lube (as if Thumper would allow bad lube to be used on him).

I know you all probably have grown tired of this story because nothing has changed at all in Axel’s perception of my having a boyfriend, but it’s just something that makes me smile so I continue to share it. When this started, going on 8 months ago, I always knew that he’d be fine with Thumper, but I never expected how much closer it would bring the two of us and how he, by he I mean Axel, would actually help contribute to me and Thumper becoming closer too.

Life is neat.

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