“Gay Boyfriend Beware” – the bisexual boyfriend’s warning label

I have a bisexual boyfriend. He came with a warning label of sorts issued by his wife, his blog, and him.

In short, it said:

“Bisexual boyfriends may often occasionally require special handling due to wiring issues that can sometimes cause them to think about lady sex organs at times when you require their full attention. They can’t help it, they say. They were born that way, they say. They like snatch, they say. They are worth it, we all say.

When wiring issues occur, bisexual boyfriends can be reset with time, patience, ice cream, or by firmly pressing their reset button located between their thighs. For severe bisexual attention disorders lasting over 12 hours, seek immediate assistance from Tumblr and repeatedly press the button mentioned above more firmly.”

“Gay Boyfriend Beware”, was printed right there, so none of these things I can complain about and, for the record, nor would I.

Thumper beat me to the punch by writing about our time together this week in THIS blog post yesterday on Denying Thumper. It’s funny because we did not talk about a potential post before he wrote that, but I had already planned something very similar to what he wrote, but from the other point of view. I have to admit, when I first saw Thumper had posted that, I was running through O’Hare airport and I only was able to glance down and catch a few words here and there, but, unfortunately the words I caught were not the ones I should have read. This led to a series of long, in depth text exchanges with the rabbit that resulted in me having a bigger smile on my face than I did when I had left him the day before. He’s going to write about that conversation so I will table that for now (and if he doesn’t I will) but I want to talk about my view of this week and why, even prior to his writing, I was actually thinking it was one of our best visits to date.

To start off, Thumper was not horny for what I had to offer this time. He wrote about his bisexual mood blocking wall erecting itself a few days prior to my visit and that he had vaguely hinted to me about that happening. Funny, this erection is something I recognize now, maybe even as soon as he does, so I knew I would be needing to scale or surrender to it when I arrived in his city. Perhaps it’s because it’s the only erection I see him with or just time, but this was one was different in a very good way. See, for the first time in our relationship, this bi-blockade was not something that worried me, evening the slightest, because I knew that we would figure it out as we went along. In fact, in a surprise move, Thumper got some Belle action 12 hours before my arrival which, I assumed, would be like fresh concrete grout into the wall, but even that didn’t worry me because I think he and I have finally reached that place where “we are” and, by that, I mean “we are what we are” and it’s a fascinating combination of affection and attraction tightly wrapped in what is becoming a deep friendship that does not have any romantic intentions whatsoever. I think I speak for him when I say that we each take great pride in this fact and weeks like we just closed only serve to enhance that.

What my original post was going to be about was the friendship angle because, as much as I like, well, fucking love the fucking with him, I have found someone that, when he sees me naked, literally and figuratively sees me naked because he knows all the hiding places I have for my kinks in addition to my professional and personal lives too. This visit sex was not the focus, however, truth be told, Thumper being Thumper and me being me, all it took was a wink, a nudge and a tickle and he was naked and the bisexual bunny tongue was activated, but that’s another story for another time. This time we just enjoyed the evolution of our friendship and went running (twice – I still hurt, I hate to run but really really have to body wise) (and, random fact, Thumper does not smell when he sweats – that’s just freaky), watched a ballgame and ate some really good food, although I displeased him by my dinner order because he had significantly changed how I viewed one of my favorite words at that point.

Finally, as long as we are on the friendship angle, I want to give a direct shout out to my twitter crew which consists of about 6-8 people or couples that I interact with most there. I have met two of the group and hope to meet more in real life as I work around the world, but you guys really rock and, although it’s virtual in most ways, I just want to tell you I appreciate the friendship, encouragement, and just the ability to step away from whatever in life is happening at that moment and laugh, tease, and share our mutual kinks, likes, and dislikes. With a few of you, Thumper, Tom, Ferns, etc, I still feel like the odd kid who has gotten to sit at the cool kid’s lunch table because I have read you for so long or invested time with you in other ways, and it’s just fun and nice to know that you are out there, wherever you are, pulling for me.

So, I am home now and it’s a rainy Saturday but my list is long, so, as Thumper would say, I am 900+ words in and have no way to end this, so, happy Saturday, kinky kids.


  1. …I only was able to glance down and catch a few words here and there…

    I thought that’s how you read all my posts.

    …random fact, Thumper does not smell when he sweats – that’s just freaky…

    It’s a superpower.

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  2. Hopefully this quote thing works – I’m hiding my public identity even though you know who this is Drew – I’m commenting because I want you to know how lucky you both are, that you’ve found what seems to have become the most perfect thing for all four of you. I really think it’s wonderful.

    “we are what we are” and it’s a fascinating combination of affection and attraction tightly wrapped in what is becoming a deep friendship that does not have any romantic intentions whatsoever.

    I’m jealous… I’m worried that, what was meant to be a casual, fun “friends with benefits,” no romantic intentions type thing may be more in the head of the other person in my situation. It’s not fun when I’m constantly worrying why she wants to tell her mom about me. I know I should talk to her about it but she’s MUCH younger and honestly… I’m not sure how to convey my worries in a gentle way. At times I think I should just scrap it all and go back to my regularly scheduled program.


    1. Thank you and I have to tell you that your, what I assume is the little back superhero mask that only covers your eyes but does nothing to your body, voice, or hair – like in all the movies, is working, because I really have no idea who you are 🙂

      But, our situation is good and there is some luck, but it took a great deal of communication too. Don’t forget that!


  3. I love reading your posts. You make me happy and I love the relationship between you and Thumper. It is so nice to see how things have evolved and the good place that the two of you are in with your lives. The two of you together just make me smile.

    I also just burst out laughing multiple times a day with the tweets between the two of you and everyone else in “the group.” I feel like the new kid who has been granted access to some of the coolest people in the world.

    Happy Saturday!


  4. I once had a male friend who told me he had what he described as an intimate friendship with another male. They were close, like told each other they loved each other close and I called bullshit on it and accused him of blowing him. I never actually thought about it again until you met Thumper and having watched you two create whatever it is you have, I wish I could go back and apologize. Of course, one of you is blowing the other, so my point was made, but I just wish I would have been more open minded and not said something hurtful.

    I’m straight and have gay and straight male friends, but, like Thumper, I have a wall around guy things and guess mine is just a bit taller and up more often than his. If what is working is working for you two or you four, more power to you.

    I hope you get past the trouble he mentioned.


    1. Thank you, Mike. Very nice response, but to clarify, there is, was not, and has not been any trouble between Thumper and myself.

      The only trouble in his post was that he had to mentally switch from snatch to dick in less than twelve hours and, while some might give their arm to have the chance (him included on certain days) it is evidently a mind shift one does not generally have the luxury of planning for. That’s it. Simple as that.

      He and I never weren’t fine and his post certainly did not change that.

      Those things aside, thanks for the comments about wishing you could go back and apologize to your friend. That meant a lot to me and I am glad we could show you another view.


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