Sexual Happiness All Around

Happy Tuesday everyone. I got up and took a 5am flight and rushed, rushed, rushed and rushed some more so I could make a 2pm meeting on the other side of the country and, well, I rushed a bit much so now I sit in a coffee shop in the middle of Pennsylvania thinking about sex. Not the Tumblr kind of sex, just plain ole sex and, worse, sex that people I know are having.


Well, first, last night Axel and I finally broke our sexual standoff. I say that like there was an issue but this was truly just life and life has been in the way the last few weeks. But, last night, as I set my alarm for 2:30 am, I found myself rather frisky and just happened to be naked and he happened to be naked and found himself frisky and it was all really convenient and, let’s just say that if I had doubted that our recent dry spell had anything to do with attraction to each other, my worries were squelched last night because it was all about the attraction. Me to him. Him to me. Us to each other.

So, today I am in a good mood but more about just life as things at work are getting crazy, which, odd as it may sound, means things are getting better and more normal. I don’t have a single weekday home until mid-July and that’s okay because, well, it’s just okay. But, on the plane today I started thinking about things and one of the things that made me giggle is me realizing that I am kinda happy on weekend mornings, usually, when Thumper and Belle have sex, or, more accurately, mostly when she has sex and he is just the vessel that helps get her there. It’s not the sex itself that makes me happy or turns me on in any way, partly because he’s so vivid with those lady part descriptions, but it’s more the fact that two people I care about are happy at that moment in the world. Does that make any sense? I care about them as a couple, even only knowing one half of it, and want him to make her happy, and, by extension, I hope anything I do with him can help make things a bit better in the whole in some weird way. Sorta the circle of bisexual sex thing – cue Lion King music.

This thought was driven partly, in fact, that after I had been particularly good with my oral skills on Axel last night, he said “Fuck, your boyfriend has taught you well. You are learning some great things”. In full disclosure, I heard him wrong at first and initially thought he was talking about me sucking off Thumper which made me hear the rabbit’s voice in my head saying “Does he not read anything you write? ahem, I. Have. A. Metal. Penis” which made me giggle a bit and then I realized he was meaning that I was learning new things from how Thumper was blowing me and, well, that just made me a bit more hard. I don’t know what it is about the boyfriend word, but when Axel calls Thumper that or when Thumper calls me that I get hard as a rock instantly. As a rock I say – a secret I probably should not put out there because Thumper will now be texting me during my meetings saying that knowing that my pants will react – he’s like that folks. But, again in full disclosure, I am a bit of an ass too and I would so do that to him as well.

That thought escalated to my Twitter friends and how I am almost always really happy to hear about their sexual escapades, well, most of them anyway – acts, not the friends. Well, there is that one couple that, well, never mind. I’ve muted them. It’s really just like I have found a secret little private club of really deep acceptance and, well, it makes my heart happy at the right times (when it doesn’t I just log out).

So, from Amish Country, that’s my sex talk.

On another note, I changed my PA jewelry back to the ring last night and have the Steelheart with me, so I think Axel and I are going to try again, more slowly this time. I also plan on doing a seven month PA review soon too, because, I just want to.


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