The Accidental Post

Hello from another airport lounge.

I am on my way to the other side of the world again, aka, the home of Ferns, to spend a week doing what it is that I do. I hate THIS day though. The day I leave. Once I get there I am fine and coming home I am great, but the next 36 hours are, for lack of a better word, just lonely as fuck as you are somewhere in limbo all day.

As murphy’s law goes, Axel and I are right as rain again and things are grooving along, but I had to leave him a few minutes ago in the drop off lane at the airport and it about killed me, but, it’s the first step toward getting back home again so that’s what counts. I laugh too because there is some balance as when I am there, I actually talk with Thumper and Axel more than when I travel inside the US, because it’s much easier to coordinate schedules 15 hours apart – go figure. So, forgive the whining but it feels good to have typed it out.

So, yesterday I posted a picture of my Steelheart in my luggage to my muggle Facebook page by accident. It was one of those moments when I swore I hit the little T icon versus the F one on my phone, but I fucking did not and LUCKILY Thumper saw it within about 10 minutes and was able to get in touch with me and I quickly removed it. That said, in those 10 minutes it received two likes from one of Axel’s friends, the one with the same name as Thumper, and from one of mine who, luckily has a kinky side a mile wide. The picture was rather obscure so I didn’t worry about it that much until later in the afternoon I got a call from a friend of mine, whose husband had sent her the screenshot, asking, “just curious, what was that chrome bullet shaped thing with the hole in the end?” I was mortified and amused all at the same time.

Now, she is one of the few who knows about Thumper the boyfriend but, to my knowledge, doesn’t know ALL about Thumper and me, so that just got my mind wandering. I called her back and was able to just say “sex toy – let’s not discuss” and that was the end of that, but fuck, that was a close call. Thumper has given me pure shit about it since it happened, which I deserved, but I will be way more careful now.

Finally, assuming most of you are like me and have a side that writes about this stuff AND have a muggle like blog or a very muggle Facebook page, do you have people who follow you in both places? For me, Thumper doesn’t count, but there are about three people who know both and have the ability to follow both, but I have never asked them point blank which they pay attention to more. I am not nervous about these people at all, but some I would be which is why I am so guarded now (minor hiccup yesterday excluded) because since I have started it so publicly, it’s now about more than just me. It’s my husband, my boyfriend, my family, their families and my career that could all be tracked back, so caution is needed and I feel no shame in not revealing, but suspect there are some who would tell me to own it all which is just bollocks.

I am just curious to hear other’s points of view about it. Yours?


  1. Since I’m quite sure that Snake doesn’t count, no. We have two very separate streams between the two parts of our life. I’m sure at some point we will start meeting people and it will change, but, for the time being, they are separate. Same reasons as you because work reputations and family would be affected.


  2. Ha! I have two face books and my blog is not at all my muggle side. Scary a bit that it is open to public but I do use fictional names.
    For FB, I have a work/family one and then the kinky one. I too have multiple people on both however those that I invite to my family and work are limited and have been warned about posting obscure items. I have a vanilla friend who knows a little bit of my kink and alerts me when or if something shows up on my work and family side that is questionable. I love her.
    I do keep the work and family FB very restricted though. FB does a good job with this but be wary when FB updates come out. It can reset all rules. 😦

    Hope this helps?!


  3. I have two separate twitters. I don’t really have anything to hide I just don’t want my family to see the things I am wanting to exploring sexually mid-life! I do live in the Bible Belt after all which I was reminded of after going to a bookstore the other day and looking for books on sexuality in the “Living a Better You” section! Seriously!


  4. We keep everything separate and I try to be VERY careful about where I’m posting what. I have all of my email accounts in my app and once I accidentally email a sub (thank God I trust him and have met him in person) from my vanilla email which included my full name.

    To answer your question about mixing friends – I do have a couple friends who I am friends with on Facebook. We never bring up anything remotely kinky. Our emails and text messages, that’s a different story. 🙂

    There are a few people in our kinky life that we have allowed in to know the real us – and even met some in person – but we are respectful of each other’s vanilla lives. There are a couple people in my kinky life I’d love to get to know more personally and meet them in person but who knows if that would ever happen.


  5. I have kink friends on my FB, but they know well enough to behave themselves appropriately, as I am also expected to behave respectfully of their vanilla lives and friends on their posts. I suppose though, that it might be more accurate to refer to them as friends I met in the kink scene – I’m not involved with them in any other way than friends who can also freely talk about BDSM when we hang out.

    My twitter, OTOH, is a space where I talk about kink freely, because my only friends who tweet are those same group of friends.


  6. For a moment I thought we may be friends on Facebook already. A friend of mine, who is kinky and I know him because we had the same Dom for a while, posted a picture of his chastity. Also in error. Since the Facebook app updated recently I have lived in constant fear that I’ll put up a pic or video!


    1. Also, I anyone who did see it and wasn’t kinky is likely to have scrolled past.

      And you can now see I am reading your blog from start to finish – yay for holidays!


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